Editura Universitara Ways of using authentic materials in the EFL classroom - Lavinia Nadrag, Fanica Chiru

ISBN: 978-606-28-0830-3

DOI: 10.5682/9786062808303

Anul publicării: 2018

Editia: I


Editura: Universitară

Autor: Lavinia Nadrag, Fanica Chiru

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  • Ways of using authentic materials in the EFL classroom

Lavinia Nadrag
Fanica Chiru

Foreword /5
Unit 1 “London”
Lesson 1: Travelling by Plane / 9
Lesson 2: London’s Finest Sights / 17
Lesson 3: London Night Sightseeing / 23
Lesson 4: Travelling Around the World / 30
Unit 2 “Hobbies”
Lesson 1: Escape Routine / 36
Lesson 2: Artistic Hobbies /42
Lesson 3: Unusual Hobbies /48
Lesson 4: Collections and collectors / 55
Unit 3 “Music”
Lesson 1: Rock Music/ 60
Lesson 2: The Origins of Blues/ 67
Lesson 3: The Young Generation’s Choices for Music/ 73
Lesson 4: Music Therapy /80
Unit 4 “Food”
Lesson 1: Addicted to Food/ 86
Lesson 2: Keeping Fit/ 93
Lesson 3: Tastes/100
Lesson 4: Healthy Eating / 122
Unit 5 “Cinema”
Lesson 1: Photographs / 110
Lesson 2: Digital Photography /113
Lesson 3: Being in the Limelight /117
Lesson 4: Oscar Awards / 127
Unit 6 “Fashion”
Lesson 1: Passion for Fashion/ 126
Lesson 2: Colours Influence our State of Mood/ 130
Lesson 3: How to Dress When Going to School?/ 134
Lesson 4: Would You Like to Be a Fashion Model?/ 140
Unit 7 “Books”
Lesson 1: Books – The Great Teachers and Friends/ 147
Lesson 2: From the Gutenberg Galaxy to the Information Age /155
Lesson 3: School of the Future/ 160
Lesson 4: Book Review/ 165
Unit 8 “Sports”
Lesson 1: Ready, Steady, Go! /170
Lesson 2: Born to Win/ 178
Lesson 3: Sports and Health / 184
Lesson 4: Olympic Games Rio 2016 – The Biggest Sporting Event on the Planet /. 189
Annex 1: Models of Tests /196
Annex 2: Key Answers / 203
Bibliography/ 235

This book is a tool and incentive both for teachers and students who want to improve their teaching methods and learning styles, respectively. Along with other books which show ways of teaching English as a foreign language, it demonstrates some of the advantages of using authentic teaching materials inside and outside the classroom. Exciting topics related to everyday life, travelling, hobbies, books, fashion have been under the authors’ scrutiny and provide the readers with texts from the British and U.S. media, with genuine language, not altered by the teachers’ intervention.
The book can be included in the category of supplementary materials that can be successfully used for language skills improvement in general, and preparation for language contests in particular.
The authentic materials included in the present book represent a selection of articles from the well-known English and American newspapers, The Guardian, The Independent, London Evening Standard, Express, The Observer, The Metro, World Observer, Daily Mirror, The Washington Post, as well as authentic texts having as source the Internet. The texts were grouped according to the main topics existing in the textbook for the 9th class, “English My Love”. These are: London, Hobbies, Music, Food, Cinema, Fashion, Books and Sports.
The exercises are designed to complete classroom activities and most of them can be done either in pairs or in groups.

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