Practice in communication for the tourism industry

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Mai multe detalii Practice in communication for the tourism industry

This book is intended for the students of the Faculty of Internal and International Tourism Economy, 3rd year, Romanian-American University.
Practice in Communication for the Tourism Industry” has been planned to offer students some working knowledge of written communication and practice in modern business contexts concerning tourism.
Having purely practical aims, it covers almost all stages of a business transaction from addressing and layingout routine letters, to complaints, including intercultural communication as well.
Each unit contains four kinds of material to study; after a short introduction covered by the “Lead in” section which offers the students the opportunity to comment on the topic under discussion, the next section focuses on the terms, style and specific language of the respective stage of transaction. What follows are the sections dedicated to grammar and translation, where those aspects specific to business are studied by practical activities. These first sections prepare the students for the proper business writing activity which is going to be a part of their future profession.
Thus, the practical material in the book is meant to make the students aware of the fact that written international communication, as well as other skills, are essential in establishing and confirming business activities.
The written material either sent by traditional means or emailed, will always reflect the person, the business, the agency.
Therefore, the content of the message and the way it is expressed is as much a part of business education as any other subject successfully studied during the student years.
We would like the material we place at the students’ disposal to be entirely useful for their training and we would be most grateful for any further suggestions coming from them or our colleagues.


The authors

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Adriana Chiriacescu

Alexandra Marginean

Roxana Birsanu

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