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CISMIGIU books The woman with the double smile. The Arsene Lupine Series - Maurice Leblanc

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Publisher: Cismigiu Books

Author: Maurice Leblanc

Edition: I

Pages: 232

Publisher year: 2023

ISBN: 978-606-28-1557-8

DOI: 10.5682/9786062815578

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And, in an instant, the stairwell door opened. A man, two men appeared, then Gorgeret, with his revolver ready to fire, shouting:
- Hands up! The first mover...
He fired an intimidation shot. Three of his agents let themselves slide to the foot of the stairs and shouted, in their turn:
- Hands up!
Forty individuals had submitted, facing the agents. But the push towards the counter of those trying to escape was so violent that the English jockey, although the first to stand up, could not make his way to the Great Paul. The patron had protested in vain, her counter was overturned. This masks a secret door through which the fugitives disappeared one by one, in that chaos and chaos. There was a sudden stop for a few seconds: two of them, desperate, were fighting to pass first. The English jockey, mounted on a chair, recognized the Arab and the Great Paul.
The hand-to-hand combat was frighteningly brutal. Neither one nor the other wanted to be caught by the advancing agents. Then the Arab fell to his knees. Great Paul disappeared into the black hole of the exit and closed the door behind him, just as the agents intervened.

Chapter I. The mysterious wound / 5

Chapter II. Blonde Clara / 12

Chapter III. The gentleman from the mezzanine / 18

Chapter IV. The gentleman from the first floor / 28

Chapter V. Robbery / 40

Chapter VI. The first shock / 50

Chapter VII. Castle for sale / 57

Chapter VIII. A strange collaborator / 67

Chapter IX. In pursuit of Paul the Great / 79

Chapter X. Cancer Bar / 87

Chapter XI. The Blue Casino / 95

Chapter XII. The two smiles / 107

Chapter XIII. Trap / 118

Chapter XIV. Rivalry / 126

Chapter XV. Crime / 138

Chapter XVI. Zozotte / 148

Chapter XVII. Restlessness / 158

Chapter XVIII. The two smiles are explained / 165

Chapter XIX. Gorgeret loses his head / 177

Chapter XX. Austerlitz? Waterloo? / 189

Chapter XXI. Raoul acts and speaks / 198

Chapter XXII. Perseus's murder / 211

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