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CISMIGIU books The girl with the green eyes. The Arsene Lupine Series - Maurice Leblanc

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Publisher: Cismigiu Books

Author: Maurice Leblanc

Edition: I

Pages: 238

Publisher year: 2023

ISBN: 978-606-28-1554-7

DOI: 10.5682/9786062815547

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He held out his hand. She lets him squeeze hers. She would have wanted to speak and, without a doubt, tell him that she thanked him, that she trusted him... But she must have understood the futility of such words, because she remained silent. They left and crossed the thermal resort and the old village of Royat. The church clock struck half past eight. It was on a Saturday, August 15. The mountains rose under a bright sky. They did not exchange a single word. But Raoul did not stop apostrophizing it, gently, to himself. "Well, don't you hate me anymore, young lady with green eyes? Have you forgotten the offense the first time? And I have so much respect for you, that I don't want to remember her when I'm close to you. Come on, smile a little, because now you have the habit of thinking of me as your kindred spirit. You smile at your good spirit." She wasn't smiling. But he felt friendly and very close.
Chapter I. ...and that Englishwoman with blue eyes / 5

Chapter II. Investigations / 23

Chapter III. The kiss in the dark / 35

Chapter IV. Villa B is robbed... / 54

Chapter V. The Terra Nova Dog / 68

Chapter VI. Among the branches / 82

Chapter VII. One of the mouths of hell / 102

Chapter VIII. Combat maneuvers and devices / 117

Chapter IX. "Sister Anne, don't you see anyone coming?" / 135

Chapter X. Words that are worth as much as deeds / 156

Chapter XI. Blood... / 173

Chapter XII. The rising water / 192

Chapter XIII. In the dark / 211 

Chapter XIV. The fountain of Jouvence / 226


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