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Legal and administrative sciences

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Legal and administrative sciences - Commercial law

Commercial law

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Collection "Legal and administrative sciences" brings together over 100 titles covering all key areas of legal science: criminal law, civil law, European Law as well as collections of legislation and case law. A novelty books on mediation and ADR is thatAcademic Publishing publishes them in recent years. Also from 2010, Ed joined theUniversity in six volumes ECHR judgments in cases against Romaniapresented and analyzed by a team of professionals addresses români.Colectia law judges, researchers and academics, and To all those who aspire to knowledge of the lawincluding the general public.

The collection is coordinated by DANIEL-MIHAIL SANDRU, Professor, Department of International Economic Relations, Christian University  "Dimitrie Cantemir", Bucharest, coordinator of the Center for European Studies Law Legal Research Institute of the Romanian Academy.


Prof. dr. Andra Cotiga Raccah, Faculty of Law, Universite Catholique de Lille

Prof. Alfred Kellermann, senior policy advisor and former head EU law department TMC Asser Institute

Prof. univ. dr. Joanna Osiejewicz, University of Warsaw

Prof. univ. dr. Ovidiu Predescu, Faculty of Law, University Gheorghe Bariţiu Braşov

Prof. univ. dr. Cornel Grigorut, Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences, Ovidius University Constanta

AssocDr. Lucian Bercea, Faculty of Law, University of the West, Timişoara

AssocDr. Constantin Duvac, Faculty of Law and Economics, AGORA University of Oradea

Assoc. Gabriel Liviu Ispas, Faculty of Law, Titu Maiorescu University

AssocDr. Cristian Jora, Faculty of legal and administrative Christian University Dimitrie Cantemir
AssocDr. Evelina Oprina, Faculty of legal and administrative sciences, Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University 

Assoc.  Petre Trusca, Faculty of legal and administrative Christian University Dimitrie Cantemir

Catalina Goanta (assistant professor in Private Law, Faculty of Law, Maastricht University)

Dr. Irina Alexe, Associate Researcher, Institute "Acad. Andrei Rădulescu ", Romanian Academy



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