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CISMIGIU books The eight strikes of the clock. The Arsene Lupine Series - Maurice Leblanc

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Publisher: Cismigiu Books

Author: Maurice Leblanc

Edition: I

Pages: 236

Publisher year: 2023

ISBN: 978-606-28-1556-1

DOI: 10.5682/9786062815561

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The newspapers will also talk tomorrow about a discovery that the Bureau of Detectives has just made, learning that Dalbrèque was the author of an assassination that made a lot of news last year, that of the jeweler Bourguet.
- It's about something else, said Rénine.
- About what?
- About a kidnapping committed by him on Saturday, September 19.
- Ah! do you know
- Know.
- In this case, declared the inspector, who made up his mind, let's let him go! On Saturday, September 19, indeed, in Le Havre, in the middle of the street, in broad daylight, a woman who was shopping was kidnapped by three bandits whose car sped away. The newspapers reported the incident, but without giving the name of the victim, nor those of the aggressors, and that for a pretty good reason: because nothing was known. Only yesterday, going to Le Havre with a few people, I managed to identify one of the bandits. The theft of twenty-five thousand francs, the theft of the car, the kidnapping of the young woman, the same origin. Only one culprit: Dalbrèque. As for the young woman, no information. All our research was in vain.

At the top of the tower / 7 

Carafe of water / 37

Therese and Germaine / 65

The revealing film / 93

The case of Jean-Louis / 120

Lady with the Ax / 150

Step on the snow / 176

To the god Mercury / 207

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