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Economics - Basic accounting

Basic accounting

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Economics - Management Control

Management Control

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Economics - Budget and Public Treasury

Budget and Public Treasury

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Economics - Control and auditing

Control and auditing

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One of the first collections published by the University Publishing House, the "Economics", is constantly updated with the latest issues and trends of domestic and international economic market. Most papers are written by teachers from the major universities of Bucharest and the country, but also specialists who offer us visions relevant to the current economic phenomena. The collection covers the entire spectrum of economic interest: finance, banking, insurance, marketing, management. Books in this collection is aimed at students in economics, economists and anyone interested in deepening the concepts of economics.

The collection is coordinated by TATIANA MOŞTEANU (Ph.D. Professor, Department of Finance, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchange, Academy of Economic Studies).

Cornel Grigorut (University Professor, Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences, Ovidius University Constanta)
Andreea Mihaela Baltaretu (Ph.D. Lecturer, Department of Tourism Management and commercial Christian University "Cantemir"),
Cristina Balaceanu (Ph.D. Lecturer, Department of International Economic Relations, University Christian "Cantemir")
Doina Maria Tilea (Lecturer, Faculty of International Economic Relations, Christian University "Dimitrie Cantemir")
Roxana Ionescu (Ph.D. Lecturer, Faculty of Tourism and Commercial Management, University "Dimitrie Cantemir", Bucharest)  

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