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CISMIGIU books 813. Arsene Lupine Series - Maurice Leblanc

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Publisher: Cismigiu Books

Author: Maurice Leblanc

Edition: I

Pages: 426

Publisher year: 2023

ISBN: 978-606-28-1553-0

DOI: 10.5682/9786062815530

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Lupine began to laugh heartily.
- But think about it, Mr. Director, my only excuse for being in prison is... that I want to get out!
The argument did not seem to please Mr. Borély. He made an effort to laugh in turn.
- A forewarned man makes two.
- That's what I want, answered Lupin. Take all precautions, Mr. Director, do not neglect anything, so that, later, no one will have anything to reproach you for. On the other hand, I will arrange things in such a way that, whatever trouble you will have as a result of my escape, your career, at least, will not suffer. That's all I had to say, Mr. Director. Now you can leave.
And, while Mr. Borély was leaving, disturbed by this extraordinary prisoner and very restless because of the events that were being prepared, the prisoner threw himself on his bed, murmuring:
- What impudence, Lupin, old man, what impudence! Really, anyone would think you have any idea how to get out of this!

I. The tragedy at the Palace Hotel / 5

II. Label with blue edges / 30

III. Mr. Lenormand opens the champagne / 52

IV. Prince Sernine at work / 71

V. Mr. Lenormand at work / 107

VI. Lenormand succumbs / 128

VII. Parbury‑Ribeira‑Altenheim / 151

VIII. The green coat / 180

IX. Santé Palace / 205

X. A page from modern history / 237

XI. Lupine's Great Combination / 254

XII. Charlemagne / 270

XIII. Letters of the Emperor / 288

XIV. The seven bandits / 318

XV. The man in black / 343

XVI. Map of Europe / 367

XVII. The Three Crimes of Arsène Lupin / 390

Epilogue. Suicide / 415

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