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CISMIGIU books The Island of the Thirty Coffins. The Arsene Lupine Series - Maurice Leblanc

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Publisher: Cismigiu Books

Edition: I

Pages: 336

Publisher year: 2023

ISBN: 978-606-28-1555-4

DOI: 10.5682/9786062815554

Author: Maurice Leblanc

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He walked up to twenty meters from the figure and counted, with his arm outstretched:
– One... two... Are you ready, Conrad? Fire!
The two bullets were fired at the same time.
There was a cry of pain. The figure seemed to collapse. The two men were hurrying in there.
- Aha, there you are, scoundrel! I'll show you what dough Vorski is made of! Snapanul, you kind of ran me over! Well, now I've got you covered!
After the first steps, he slowed down, for fear of a surprise. The figure does not move; and Vorski, approaching, saw that he had the inert and deformed appearance of a dead man, of a corpse. He had nothing else to do but jump on her. So Vorski did, laughing and joking:
- Good hunting, Conrad. Let's go get the game.
But he was very surprised, taking the game, to feel in his hands nothing but an almost impalpable prey, consisting, in fact, in a white robe, without any man in it, the wearer of the robe fleeing in time, after having caught it in the thorns of a bush. As for the dog, it had disappeared.

Prologue / 5

Part I. Véronique / 7
Chapter I. The abandoned shack / 9
Chapter II. At the edge of the Atlantic Ocean / 22
Chapter III. Son of Vorski / 38
Chapter IV. The poor people of Sarek / 59
Chapter V. Four crucified women / 76
Chapter VI. All is well / 98
Chapter VII. François and Stéphane / 116
Chapter VIII. Restlessness / 130
Chapter IX. Chamber of death / 146
Chapter X. Escape / 159

Part II. The miraculous stone / 177
Chapter I. The scourge of God / 179
Chapter II. The ascent to Golgotha / 198
Chapter III. Eli, Eli, Lama Sabactani / 217
Chapter IV. The Old Druid / 234
Chapter V. Hall of underground sacrifices / 252
Chapter VI. Hall of the Kings of Bohemia / 275
Chapter VII. Print cruelly, at the behest of destiny / 292
Chapter VIII. God Stone / 311
Epilogue / 317

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