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The Official Gazette was founded in 1991 and continues to publish the official publication of the Romanian state, the first issue of which appeared in 1832. It turned 175 years old.

The first issue appeared, based on the Organic Regulation, on December 8/20, 1832, under the wording of I.H. Radulescu; it was called the Administrative Gazette Bulletin and was a weekly printed in Cyrillic letters, measuring 19 x 24 cm.

Monitorul Oficial Publishing House has the following collections in the legal field:

Legislation for all - normative acts grouped thematically
Practically. monitor - legislation structured on fields of activity, in a form that is easy to read and remember
Legislative guides - legislative syntheses or author texts, related normative acts and useful information
Codex - codes, presented as text of law
Annotated codes - legislative, doctrinal and jurisprudential annotations
Legislative Translations - normative acts in languages ​​of international circulation
European Union - works aimed at the organization and functioning of EU institutions.
Commented legislation - normative acts commented on articles
Jurisprudence - collections of decisions of national courts
University - treatises and university courses

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