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Editura Universitara Stability and variability in economic terminology

15,00 Lei

ISBN: 978-606-591-249-6

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: I

Pages: 158

Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Elena Museanu

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The work is part of the Romanian terminology research series undertaken in the last decade, which have proposed to establish the terms of the linguistic peculiarities determined, among which is the economy. Using concepts and methods of linguistic analysis, this type of descriptive terminology is based on data from cognitive terminology (specialists in the field), but takes into account their actual usage terms in a specific language, in texts and contexts of different types. In view of this position appears to be fundamental theoretical concept of variation (variance) which can characterize effective communication in terms of .. In this way, is allowed dynamic terminologies, fundamental aspect in economic terminology of today's society, especially if one takes into account extralinguistic data and different levels of utilizare.Textele strictly specialized, scientific are generally characterized by a higher high stability, recorded by dictionary definitions of different types and thus ensure propuse.Se proper communication and understanding between specialists by keeping "hard lump" of meaning specializat.In same time, requiring a continuous relationship between dictionaries and texts showing dynamic actuali.Aceasta many economic terms is determined by economic developments of modern societies and illustrate them with the evidence appears ecoomica widely circulated in the press, forced to refer to strictly actuala.De reality that our research was based on texts and economic contexts of this type of release (Ziarul Financiar, Financial Week, Capital, etc.), c to highlight the current dynamics of economic terminology and show variability levels and forms of recorded statements termenilor.Confruntarea actual texts and contexts treatment of these terms in different dictionaries, with distinctions between the definition and the lexicographic terminography source is to be determined based on the relationship between stability and variability in the current economic terminology.
The work consists of several chapters presenting the current state of scientific discipline and specify terminology as theoretical concepts and terminology involved in studying the variation of the practice description of the relationship between stability and update definitions and contexts of meaning in texts, made by analysis of several classes of paradigmatic economic terms. In each paradigm will be analyzed and compared terminography lexicographic definitions in which to watch the relevant components to obtain data that provide further stability respectivi.In economic terms, illustrating update these terms in texts and contexts permit assessment of the relationship between stability and variability.

  • Stabilitate şi variabilitate în terminologia economică

Elena Museanu

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