Romanian Language for Foreign Students. Tests and Exercises

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ISBN: 978-973-749-518-1

Publisher year: 2009

Edition: III

Pages: 130

Publisher: Editura Universitară

Author: Cristina Valentina Dafinoiu

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The work is primarily addressed to foreign students in the preparatory year, coming to Romania to attend universities in various specializations in Romanian Romanian. At the same time, it is particularly useful to all foreigners, and generally those who are interested to evaluate and / or assessment on Romanian language skills.
We believe that the experience gained over many years of work with groups of foreign students we have been very helpful in the composition and structure of grammar and vocabulary questions that we wanted to examine the proposed tests.
The work includes a variety of exercises designed to combine in an efficient and attractive vocabulary knowledge of grammar and syntax with the Romanian. To remove the monotony of repeating the same type of exercise I alternated exercises involving the replacement of forms with each other, with exercises where the student is able to give more solutions, exercises that involve the acquisition of appropriate vocabulary to be resolved with exercises that require attention from students.
This paper is a type application, which comes complete with manual exercises Romanian for foreign students Brancusi Gregory, Adrian Ionescu, Manuela Saramandu, Bucharest University Publishing House, 1996. We also guided by the literature published abroad, it is those works addressed those who want to learn those languages ​​as foreign languages.
I adapted to the specific content of these works of Romanian and I opted for those types of exercises that I find useful. Where exercises require more choice, we have chosen the solution marked by italic.
The paper is divided into 32 different types of exercise tests, each test having a maximum score of 100 points. Proposed exercises gradually cover all the problems the Romanian language grammar and vocabulary also follow, as the students acquire new knowledge of Romanian language. At the end of the paper is to solve models of types of exercises.
We would like to mention that the work is a very useful tool and Romanian language teachers of foreign students, it lends itself to hours with these students work and individual work (at home or in college). Also, work can also be used as a tool for regular assessment of students.

  • Limba română pentru studenţii străini. Teste şi exerciţii

Cristina Valentina Dafinoiu

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