Linguistic features of chat type conversation

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ISBN: 978-973-749-940-0

Publisher year: 2010

Edition: I

Pages: 117

Publisher: Editura Universitară

Author: Claudia Coja

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Communication occurred when the man, being rational, he tried to know better the world around us, knowledge is not possible outside communication. As a result, the language and the media have undergone a process of continuous change and improvement in oral form to electronic forms of individual and mass communication. One of the leaps in information technology, with great impact on conversational behavior, is the Internet, without which, today, the world information and communication would be hard to imagine.
Internet communication, computer mediated, is a "current stage of development of communication through language" (Trohin: 2006). The novelty of the phenomenon makes it necessary to investigate and research the type of communication, computer-mediated communication is a relatively little discussed and analyzed the phenomenon of linguistic works produced to date. Insufficient linguistic research on the phenomenon is due to the fact that its current character is in full development phase and at the same time, transformation.
Whether we consider the e-mail, forums, blogs, chat rooms or instant messaging, the Internet - real "virtual world" - has a variety of communication systems, making it almost impossible to study the phenomenon of global Internet communication. This is why this paper is limited to studying business communication through chat - including chat rooms and instant messaging - communication of body language which caught our particular attention, because of its unique point of linguistically, socio-linguistics and psycho-linguistic.
The concepts and methods, the paper aims to make an instant overview of the phenomenon and a review of various aspects of communication through it, trying to provide a global impact on the language used in chat has on various compartments of the language, referring as spelling, morphology, syntax, vocabulary and last but not least, pragmatic.
To achieve this work we used the following methods and research:
- The study of bibliographic material;
- Studying material on the Internet, and referring to the interest of this work;
- Capture and recording text chat communication from archives or servers of certain applications and their subsequent examination;
- Questionnaires on communication activity in chat;
- Statistical procedures.


Internet communication is a topical issue. Peculiarities of the chat language is a topic addressed rather than Romanian studies, the book starts from this premise Claudia Coja originally undergraduate thesis (2008).
Some aspects of the work is a phenomenon necunoscătorii ABC for beginners in the use of chat or chat. Thus, after briefly discussing the etymology of the word, the author makes a foray into the history of instant messaging applications and provides a classification of chat type applications.
A chapter is dedicated to the Netiquette rules, which should be respected by the users of chat, it's "polite conventions used and respected on the Internet, mailing lists, synchronous chat systems, and other forms of asynchronous discussion, and Forums ; these conventions refer to relations between users during communication and developed the idea of ​​interaction between individuals is more enjoyable, more efficient and enjoyable. "
To obtain relevant data was used questionnaire to 100 subjects, 59 girls and 41 boys included in the sample of age 11 years - 16 years (considered to be among this sample of older phenomenon has a chat higher and language features are more common), students of classes V-VIII in a secondary school located in urban areas (Constanta).
The study is interesting both for ordinary users chat as well as linguists and teachers of Romanian language, as one of the chapters dealing closely the impact that this type of communication has on language, inventory specific features chat in every part of the language ( spelling, morphology, syntax, vocabulary). Romanian language teachers could benefit from this research drawing students' attention on the risk that some of these linguistic features (felt, initially, the students, as a "language" special, coded) to generalize to other situations, substituting literary language .
Mrs. Claudia Coja work leverages a wealth of experience at the chair. Teaching status allowed them close to children, which facilitated the dialogue with them, the questionnaire and provide examples of instant communication they use.

Strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in various aspects of Internet communication.

Aida Todi
  • Particularităţi lingvistice ale conversaţiei de tip chat

Claudia Coja

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