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Editura Universitara Basic English Teaching Tools

ISBN: 978-606-28-0121-2

DOI: 10.5682/9786062801212

Publisher year: 2014

Edition: I


Publisher: Universitară

Author: Silvia Osman

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  • Basic English Teaching Tools. Curs de limba engleza pentru vorbitorii non-nativi


Obiectivele cursului  /5 

 1.       The Alphabet (plosives, stops, liquids, special sounds, basic spelling and

          pronunciation tips)

2.       Pronouns and Basic Verbs (practice exercises)

3.       Tense: A Basic Review of Tenses. Irregular Verbs. Phrasal Verbs. English Syntax

          in a Nutshell.

4.       The English Plural. Irregular Plurals. Adjectives vs. Adverbs.

5.       Days of the Week. Months. Expressing Time and Duration.

6.       The Human Body

7.       At the Market: Fruits and Vegetables

8.       At the Restaurant: Food and Beverages

9.       Expressing Quantity: Countable and Uncountable Nouns.

10.    Basic Idiomatic Expressions.

11.    A Basic Review on Redundancy. Synonyms

12.    The Nuclear Family. Synonyms. Focusing on Structures/ 9

13.    The Beginnings of a Great City: New York. Affixation. /14

14.    Rights we tend to take for granted... Phrasal Verbs (I)/22

15.    Megapolises. Phrasal Verbs (II)/29

16.    The Federal Reserve System. Phrasal Verbs (III)/36

17.    The Human Memory. Acquiring Structures. Making Inferences and Restating/42

18.    The Population of the World. Focusing on Structures. Redundancy. Practice Exercises on Redundancy/47

19.    Charles Ives. Idioms and Fixed Expressions: General/53

20.    The Nobel Prizes. Idiomatic Expressions: The Six Senses/60

21.    Noah Webster. Idioms Connected with Money: Buying, Selling and Paying/66

22.    The Wright Brothers. Idioms Connected with Praise and Criticism/73

23.    The Noise. Idioms Connected with Beliefs and Opinion/79

24.    Horace Mann. Idioms: Personal / Public Finance/85

25.    Rainforests. Idioms: Success, Failure, Difficulty/93

26.    Geysers. Speaking Skills: Managing a Conversation/100

27.    The Fork. Speaking Skills: Negotiating/105

28.    Narcolepsy. Writing Skills: Essay Development/109

29.    General Review. Preparation for Final Evaluation

30.    Final Evaluation Test

Appendices/ 113

Silvia Osman

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