Aspects of fiction in Vasile Voiculescu prose

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ISBN: 978-591-606-231-1

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: I

Pages: 407

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Anastasia Dumitru

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Massive book, which is originally a doctoral dissertation appreciated, Dumitru Anastasia proposes a reading of prose Vasile Voiculescu ninth in terms of fantasy category. Publication integral opera writer, where - who knows - will not appear surprises, under the care of Roxana Sorescu (V. Voiculescu - literary works. Prose. Poetry. Playwrights. Biographical documents. Manuscripts seized. Manuscripts found, 2003) incite to recite the its prosaic universe. Despite an impressive critical bibliography on voiculesciană prose are still ways to formulate exciting and important things to say and the author has demonstrated in this study. The purpose of his speech is to demonstrate that exegetical prose voiculesciană fantastic, with archetypal substrate involves developing a model which is converted into a reading step of initiation, and the critic is itself creative.

From another angle, trying to demonstrate that Anastasia Dumitru Vasile Voiculescu prose is consistent and requires a coherent vision of the world although the criticism has been much discussion about,, fragmentarism "his work.

After the first chapter, Vasile Voiculescu fiction universe - a fantastic patterns is difficult to grasp the difficulty raised to frame stories in a way or the other of the fantastic, the author will work, defining them in advance and also considering that the story involves fantasy,, methodology and epistemology of depth ", with three subcategories emerging concept: a) The mythical-magical fantasy type (traditional type, characteristic of long duration), b) fantastic interior, psychological, obsessional ( modern type, as a result of the terror of history), c) type fantastic initiative (perceived recovery sacred in the profane space). The three forms have in terms of ascending axiological sense, but on the other hand draws a loop through which the individual history as sinecdocă the world, "broke" the archetype through the terror of history, and return after a journey reîntregeşte initiatives origins.

The following sections, - the most consistent and bold moves interpretative hypotheses, as, indeed, the whole project - fantastic mythical-magical, fantastic psychological type (obsessional) and type initiation fantastic building just mentioned hermeneutical route. The rationale of the analysis is coherent and persuasive texts motivated and supported. I want to emphasize, in particular, ingenuity and originality with a few stories that are read as lesser known potato bag is detected dramatic scenario of a false imitatio Cristi.

In the second chapter fantastic mythical-magic type (archaic mentality - Big Time mythical) huck stories are analyzed, the fisherman Amin among wolves, Last Berevoi and others. Identified specific mitemele archaic thought to be relevant type structure and behavior of individual hand, the connection between micro and macrocosm and the link between kingdoms. Perception fantastic in direct contact with mythical and magical transrealitatea induce archaic world in understanding the complex manifestations and their meanings: totemism, animism, various rituals, occult practices of magic, etc.. These narratives bring into play human extreme situations, the court liminal, fighting to save their archetypal world. If normality is the existence of the agreement and balance the macrocosm, the universe, then assaulting the world with new signs and elements of the modern world is experienced as a state of tension, self-denial and causes a regression in the subconscious.

The third chapter focuses on just commenting on this kind of psychological obsessional fantastic. If mythical-magic was fantastic all the time the attention of exegetes, obsessional fantasy depiction was less investigated. In this respect, the author proposes a series of performances worthy of all interest such as those about the novel or story Lobocoagulare prefrontal Zahei blind from the perspective of paradoxical statements, cut off from communication with a transcendent instance, threatened egotism, of fragmentarism or down in the plane instincts, the characters will go through these voiculesciene,, wandering "a peratologie recentralizării and remitologizării the world.

In the last chapter is defined and analyzed with the same application and ability hermeneutic stance initiatives fantastic stories that bag of potato structure, beasts revolt, struggle with the angel, soup rocks, rod miracles, the truth and the Annunciation.

As a result of its hermeneutical approach creative type who views the proposed new and valid criticism, the author argued depth, originality and complexity voiculescian fantastic and its functions.


Paul Dugneanu

  • Ipostaze ale fantasticului în proza lui Vasile Voiculescu

Anastasia Dumitru

Teacher, teaching grade I, High School,, L. Blaga "University Constanta, a graduate of the Faculty of Philology, Constanta, MA, PhD, professor and mentor of CSI Methodist, Constanta, author of nine books, present in 15 anthologies, journalistic activity in over 20 magazines, winner of many national literary contests; Working group membership (for decongestion of Romanian Language and Literature Program (MATCH, 2008), participation in teaching and methodical work with specialist training in numerous symposia (inter) national and educational seminars, papers published in books: Modern methods learning in the European context, Ed Risoprint, Cluj-Napoca, 2007, use of information technology lessons, useful, Ed Samuil Vulcan, Beius, 2007; matching international symposium dedicated edition: New and Europe, 2007, Simian, year 1 , No. 1 / 2007 of the formative role of cultural project: Literature and other arts, paper published in the school - time zero for a knowledge society, the project Center for Science Education and Training, CSET, 2007, Bucharest Hats off, Mr. Caragiale Ed School Braila, Braila, 2008 etc..

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