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Editura Universitara The role of art therapy in obtaining and consolidating well-being - Ioana Ruxandra Udrescu

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ISBN: 978-606-28-1439-7


Publisher year: 2022

Edition: I

Pages: 124

Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Ioana Ruxandra Udrescu

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Well-being is a major concern of the World Health Organization, because a person with adequate mental health can face everyday stress, is adaptable and can work productively, with a good yield, for the benefit of his community and society, in general.
The author succeeds in demonstrating the fact that the application of art-therapeutic techniques has a major and direct benefit on the psycho-physical balance of the individual and his well-being. Thus, through the person's participation in art-therapy interventions, a behavioral optimization can be obtained, in the sense of the development of healthy, realistic and adaptive behaviors. The gains of the subjects regarding the acquisition of well-being can be quantified by the scores obtained on the scales and questionnaires.

Associate Professor, Dr. Mihaela Camelia Popa
  • The role of art therapy in obtaining and consolidating well-being

IOANA RUXANDRA UDRESCU studied for 11 years to become a specialist dentist in General Dentistry, being a graduate, then a resident at the UMF Carol Davila Faculty in Bucharest. Working for 22 years in the field of private dentistry, half of this period in his own individual medical office, he promoted dental education and prevention, offering his patients another perspective on this profession. With a lot of patience and dedication, he helped to overcome emotional blockages, created a therapeutic doctor-patient alliance based on trust and communication, harmoniously combined the psychological side with the medical side, characteristic aspects of this specialty.
With the passage of time and out of the desire for self-actualization, the need for a career change arose. Aspiring to develop the knowledge and experience gained in working with people, he graduated in 2021 with the master's degree in Art Therapy through Theater and Performing Arts, the course Counselor for personal development and the Vocational Counselor course.
Being at the beginning of the road in the new branch, the author proposes that, by publishing her dissertation, to offer both professionals in counseling and psychotherapy, people who provide support, as well as the general public information, benchmarks and practical resources necessary for "obtaining and consolidating the state well using the tools of art therapy".




1.1. The history and philosophy of well-being / 15
1.2. The importance of health and balance in the individual's life / 17
1.3. Cognitions-emotions-behavior-health / 24
1.3.1. Cognitions and health / 24
1.3.2. Emotions and health / 25
1.3.3. Behavior and health / 27

2.1. About Art therapy / 29
2.2. Art therapy and classical psychotherapy / 35
2.3. Art therapy and well-being / 44

3.1. Objective  /  47
3.2. Hypotheses and subjects / 47
3.3. Case study method / 48
3.3.1. Tools  /  48
3.3.2. Therapeutic art intervention - session structure / 50

4.1. Conceptualization of the case / 57
4.2. Working sessions - protocols / 67





Ever since I was a child, I wanted to be able to listen, understand and help people. For a good part of my life, I believed that medicine is the only profession through which I can fulfill this dream. As a specialist dentist, I managed for 22 years to banish the "fear of the dentist" from my practice. I realized this when the patients told me that they came "to relax" during the treatment sessions, and the children came in laughing and happily sat down in the chair, surprising their parents, who told me that they had asked to come to the doctor!
Then came a moment when I wanted a change. Dentistry had been my parents' choice; her surgical side had always acted as a brake in my professional development. I started to wonder: if I were to start from scratch, what would I keep from that job? The obvious answer was: what I had wanted since I was little.
May 1, 2015 brought me a surprise... My husband Mihai gave me an unusual gift on the occasion of my 16th wedding anniversary. The mental training course with the instructors Anca Juganaru and Cristi Lazar (teachers and hypnotherapists), which we attended together with our sons, changed all of our lives "for the better". It was also here that I met the person who opened the door for me to the master's degree in Art Therapy through Theater and Performing Arts, which I graduated after two years of unexpected joys at UNATC "I. L. Caragiale" from Bucharest.
I discovered a new world very different from that of dentistry, which fascinated me. The Complementary Art Therapies course particularly attracted my attention. I wanted to deepen this field and started training in "Magic Art Therapy" under the guidance of the coordinating professor Dr. Andrei Teasca. As part of this training, I started working with different categories of beneficiaries. In carrying out the practical part of the art therapy interventions carried out at the headquarters of the "Magic Art Therapy" Center, I received the necessary support and supervision to complete my dissertation work.
When I first heard the term "art therapy" I wondered: what could be beyond these words? I searched and found out how vast this field is and how creative and full of awareness the path that crosses it is.
I invite you to walk together on this road to continuous self-actualization, the magic of a fulfilled life!


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