English for public administration and international relations / English for International Relations and Public Administration

24,08 Lei

ISBN: 978-973-749-971-4

Publisher year: 2010

Edition: I

Pages: 176

Publisher: Editura Universitară

Author: Silvia Osman

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The idea belongs to a different hand my students.
He was born during the seminars, in discussions with them on the many topics of interest to all: how can we actively absorb foreign language, grammar and why not, as I purchased maintain over time, such as perfecting I have accumulated and how we add something new to a stock of knowledge diverse sediment during previous years of study of English.
I must confess here that their enthusiasm was contagious to right: the result you are now depicting, catching physicality in this approach.
The necessity of such a course support for English seminars for students of political science faculty, public administration, international relations, journalism, sociology, etc. - for which study materials are extremely limited, often reduced to instruments thing like dictionaries - is undeniable.
This paper is oriented to the priority fields of study, the current texts, chosen mostly from the political sphere and freedom of the press, as well as subject matter in vocabulary specific to these areas of interest.
Unitary structure of the entire material aims to develop multiple skills designed to lead to the development of a model for individual study, to stimulate a process of continuous learning, without which improvement of language acquisition is unfortunately impossible.
Each chapter contains a specialized text and a general knowledge.
The text is the source of specialized vocabulary, students whose teased is necessary faculties of political science, public administration, international relations, journalism and not only to address - priority - research materials for individual study to other curricular materials, whose source the source of information is the English expression. To meet student eager to improve, unknown terms definitions are given in English.
Text of general culture adds color and is designed to strengthen reading skills to understand the text at first, by questions targeting their content.
Grammar concepts summarized in each chapter will bring extra information and practical concepts of English structures, idiomatic expressions and synonyms and are coupled with application exercises.
Portfolio themes are optional, especially for those who teach writing. Folds generally selected topics by students and reflects the options in the vast majority of them for different interest of contemporary issues: permanent dialogue on "city problems" of our modernity - has led to the identification of proposed topics for essays at the end of each chapter.
Communication is - obviously - the world we live indispensable. Communicating transmission can give and receive the most valuable asset: information. The word "communication" comes from Latin - "communis" common means, share and makes the same family of words with communion and community. We can not but have a community of information, until we can share with others who need to see, to perceive, to understand just like us. Especially where our information comes in a foreign language! Here, here, need to include in each chapter of a point structure for communication, a point which aims to answer relatively simple questions such as What is communication? or How do you communicate effectively?
Thus closing a circle trying to study English, circle (however incomplete it may seem at first glance) that you draw around student government, international relations, political science, sociology, journalism, etc.. eager to know more and to continuously improve.
I invite you to enjoy the information contained in this volume and you want to become better: good luck all!

Silvia Osman

September 2010

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Silvia Osman

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