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Editura Universitara METRONOM 70s. Cornel Chiriac in Security documents

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ISBN: 978-606-28-0094-9

DOI: 10.5682/9786062800949

Publisher year: 2015

Edition: I

Pages: 280

Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Mircea Udrescu

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This book concludes the series of those I dedicated to my friend Cornel Chiriac. It is largely different from the others; only certain passages or chapters indispensable for a more correct understanding of the "film" of Cornel's life were resumed.
Some of the questions I had asked in the previous books "Pages about Cornel Chiriac" and "Metronome, a show by Cornel Chiriac" have been answered in the meantime; then a few legends that were circulating and still circulating on Cornel's account were corrected. In a word, we have come closer to the truth. I am happy that one of the proposals made in the second book was made: the name Cornel Chiriac was given to a street in Pitesti, the city of our childhood and adolescence. The book is more complete due to the fact that I had the chance to consult the files prepared by the former Securitate on behalf of Cornel Chiriac. Despite the deep disgust, I will not hide the personal satisfaction I tried to "browse" the more than 1,000 pages of manuscripts, typed or microfilmed: my memories of what I lived with Cornel at a certain time in our lives and on which I noted in the first two books proved, for the most part, to be accurate. The memory of my mind and soul did not play tricks on me. Moreover, I realized that my memories are often much more accurate even than the files of the Securitate, an institution that was said to know even what people were thinking. I can say today - the horrible dictus - that the Securitate files have somehow been used for something.
As a direct participant in the events, the "task" of decrypting and presenting to readers readers of these Files did not pose any problem for me. In fact, it would have been difficult for a possible researcher to "decipher" correctly over the years the files prepared by the former Securitate on behalf of Cornel Chiriac.

  • METRONOM 70s. Cornel Chiriac in Security documents


was born on August 25, 1942 in Pitesti. He graduated from the Faculty of Biology of the University of Bucharest in 1969. From the same year until 1990 he was a scientific researcher at the Institute of Anthropology „Fr. I. Rainer ”from Bucharest. Since 1991, he has continued his career as an archaeozoologist and paleontologist in Belgium, successively at the University of Liège, at the Royal Museum of Central Africa in Tervuren and at the Royal Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels.
He has published at Editura Universitara: 100 Pagini despre Cornel Chiriac (100 Pages about Cornel Chiriac) (2008), Metronom, o emisiune de Cornel Chiriac (Metronom, a show by Cornel Chiriac) (2010), Dialogues croisés / Dialoguri incrucisate (Dialogues croisés / Crossed Dialogues), co-author Michel Masé (2012), Un strigat in pustiu / Un cri dans la désert (A voice in the wilderness / Un cri dans la désert) (2014), Ce n’est pas moi qui l’ai dit, mais… N-am spus-o eu, dar… (It wasn't me who said it, but… I didn't say it myself, but…) (2016), Si eu m-am luptat cu morile de vant ... (I also fought  he windmills ...) (2017), Iulica are un motor in gat... (Iulica has an engine in the throat ...) (2018) and Les Anthropologues s'amusent / Antropologii se amuza (Les Anthropologues s'amusent / Anthropologists are having fun) (2019).

Contents / 5
Preface / 7
From the author / 9
I. Nelu or Cornel Chiriac / 11
II. Short foray into the ambiance of those years / 16
III. The long line of Cornel 's hobbies / 21
* Cornel - "composer" and drummer / 21
* Cornel - theater actor / 22
* Cornel - „plastic artist” / 25
* Cornel - „photographer” / 27
* Cornel - „philatelist” / 28
* Cornel - „poet” / 29
IV. Cornel's periods: / 34
* "Satisfaction" / 34
* "Let's be grotesque" / 36
* "Bizarre" / 37
* Cornel „rebel” / 39
V. Jazz is our life or "Some people like jazz" / 44
VI. "Une voix du Kloakan" and "Jazz ‑ Cool": the story of a manuscript and non-clandestine magazine / 63
VII. Jazz club at the Student House in Bucharest / 93
VIII. Source "F": travel by intercepted correspondence / 97
IX. Agents and their informative notes: "Foundries" / 114
X. The personal file of agent Nelu / 143
XI. Radio Bucharest 98.3 FM: "Let's rediscover Cornel Chiriac", a show by Sorin Mihai Savin / 152
XII. Assumptions and certainties related to the assassination of Cornel Chiriac / 160
XIII. The origin of the name of the show "Metronome" / 167
XIV. Legends about Cornel Chiriac / 170
XV. Cornel Chiriac's employment at Radio and not only / 175
XVI. Interview with Gerlinde Schuster (Linda), Cornel's fiancée / 181
XVII. Interview with Florina, Cornel Chiriac's sister-in-law / 195
XVIII. Imaginary conversation with Cornel Chiriac / 198
XIX. People I knew / 205
* Janci Körössy / 205
* Marius Simi Popp / 209
* Cristian Mac Colan / 210
* Johnny Raducanu / 217
Epilogue / 221
Testimonies / 225
Name index / 230


In September 2014, Plastic People Of The Universe, the Prague rock group linked to Vaclav Havel and Charta ’77, performed in Bucharest, and in a month an edition of the show “Mysteries and conspiracies” dedicated to Cornel Chiriac was filmed on TVR 2. Two echoes of music with an anti-communist message from years ago. Coincidentally, between the two events I met Mircea Udrescu, to write these lines. In my turn, 14 years ago, I made my first documentary show "Remix" about Cornel Chiriac for TVR 2, not at all easy, because the character was still immersed in the underground.
Cornel Chiriac, one of Romania's unique and unrepeatable characters, has undoubtedly marked our recent history. As a music editor at Radio Bucharest, he contributed to the promotion of generic music entitled young (jazz, then rock), broadcasting - when the policy of the communist regime allowed it only within strict limits - musical events, including from the free world. Moreover, Cornel Chiriac helped Romanian musicians, as much as he could, to get informed - see the "Jazz ‑ Cool" samizdat, articles published in the country or abroad - and promoted them in all possible ways (Radio Bucharest, the club jazz from the Student House ...). When he could no longer do so in the country, he took refuge in Germany, from where he continued his mission - this time without constraints - from the microphone of the "Europa Libera" radio station. In a short time, Cornel Chiriac became not only an avid commentator of young music for a whole world, but also a true symbol of the idea of ​​freedom, in a face-to-face struggle with the communist regime. His trajectory, retrospectively speaking, is confused since life with the legend. Being not only contemporary but also in connection (sometimes of close friendship) with Romanian personalities, but also international ones (from Mihail Andricu, George Balan and Janci Körössy to Willis Conover and Noël Bernard - you have a few episodes of kinogram) gives him today a the aura of a guru, which the Securitate could not ignore or tolerate.
In the third book about Cornel Chiriac, his good childhood friend Mircea Udrescu continues his recovery, retrocession and clarification of his "life and work". This time from another perspective, that of the Securitate documents in the CNSAS archive. In the spirit of other such works, the tracking, interception and raiding machinery used by the Securitate is revealed. The book has sometimes harsh, sometimes ridiculous accents, as every man employed in the "holy place" system. I am convinced that not all the documents regarding Cornel Chiriac could be researched; probably some of them are still secret.
hanks to this volume, we now know more about how the famous show "Metronom" by Cornel Chiriac and Geo Limbasanu appeared, about Cornel's departure from the country ... The names of the "casting" agents are not revealed, I am not even interested as they did not concern the author either. Appreciate the impressive work of consulting documents, decrypting and interpreting them, remaking a puzzle whose final image, even if not yet fully known, continues to fade, to transpire. Fans will be happy to learn more about Cornel Chiriac the man - bohemian, adored by so many people, with passions, excesses, introverts. The cultural society of Bucharest in the '60s and' 70s is revived, all in a unique balance of orality and dry documents (sometimes with the corresponding humor - let's call it black or sad?), Culminating with Chiriac's informant file: attempt (subject to failure from the start) to distort his image of lucid conscience, protesting against the regime. Unfortunately, after four decades, his assassination remains another enigma. Otherwise, the rock period, so rich in shows and listeners, remains a tribute to the book. However, it is to be appreciated the completion of some chapters from the previous volumes; as the distribution of books was limited, I am equally pleased with their reiteration, providing the necessary information both to his old fans scattered around the world, and to today's young people, lost in the media. And through this new book by Mircea Udrescu, that terrible child in the shadow of music, Cornel Chiriac, emerges, again, in the light.

Doru Ionescu,
TVR journalist

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