Mastering English for International Business

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ISBN: 978-606-28-0375-9

DOI: 10.5682/ 9786062803759

Publisher year: 2015

Edition: I

Pages: 116

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Alexandra Moraru, Cristina Athu

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Alexandra Moraru
Cristina Athu

Introducere/ 5
The job market / 7
Interviews and getting a job /7
Early retirement / 14
Cheap labour vs. Human rights/ 22
Labour and globalisation / 36
Management and negotiations/ 46
The concept of management/ 46
Negotiations skills/ 56
The concept of assertiveness/ 68
Geopolitics/ 78
The geography of war / 78
Natural resources and their owners/ 95
The fall of the last empire / 100

Mastering English for International Business was written for future professionals in the field of international business considering that one of the most important trends in the economic and paraeconomic field is the internationalization and globalization of business. Although this trend is a component of the historical evolution of human society, begun with the expansion of world trade, it can be argued that internationalization is a real component of the contemporary business environment, because the last decades have been characterized by expanding global business and intensifying existing, the appearance of some spectacular changes in the hierarchy of economic powers (at enterprise level or even at macroeconomic level, of states) made according to the approach of the national - international relationship.
Given the involvement of an increasing number of economic agents in international commercial operations and in cooperation actions worldwide, the fluency and accuracy of English expression are essential elements in establishing contacts and partnerships between professionals in the international business environment.
We hope the topics proposed for the debates will give you the opportunity to use and enrich your knowledge of English, will stimulate the desire for clear, coherent and logical expression for a natural, accessible transfer of information in English (international linguistic "code"), communication thus becoming efficient and operational.


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