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Editura Universitara Latin Course for Students of Theology Faculties - Florentina Nicolae

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ISBN: 978-606-28-0981-2

DOI: 10.5682/9786062809812

Publisher year: 2019

Edition: revizuita

Pages: 266

Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Florentina Nicolae

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  • Latin Course for Students of Theology Faculties

Florentina Nicolae

This Latin language course is addressed to students at theological faculties, as well as to those with a philological, historical profile and to all those interested in the study of Christian Latin, especially biblical and patristic Latin.
The objective of this course is to present especially the morphology of Christian Latin, by reference to the norms of classical Latin.
The elements of theory were presented in accordance with the principles of traditional grammar and illustrated with biblical and patristic texts, to which were added some late texts, from the works of prestigious Romanian scholars, who dealt with theological problems in works written in Latin. (Petru Movila, Nicolae Milescu Spatarul).
At the end of each theoretical corpus is a set of famous expressions and quotes, Verba memorabilia, which combines information of theological culture and morphological elements described in the theoretical part.
Fragments of evangelical textiles, as well as expressions with generally valid content, were predominantly selected.
The dictionary at the end of the course is an important work tool for the student. All Latin words that appear during this manual have been recorded, to facilitate the translation and analysis operations involved in the texts.
This course represents the second edition, revised and added, of the one published in 2007, at the publishing house of the Archdiocese of Tomis. Compared to the first edition, some texts were replaced with others considered more relevant for the theoretical part, multiple information of morphology and syntax were added, referring to Christian Latin, the images that accompanied the texts were removed and the small anthology of Christian texts was completed. essential, with excerpts from the works of important representatives of Latin patristic literature.The Author

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