Americanization and Demystification of America. 21st Century Romanian Perceptions of American Culture

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ISBN: 978-606-28-0651-4

DOI: 10.5682/9786062806514

Publisher year: 2017

Edition: I

Pages: 182

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Irina David

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Introductory Remarks / 7

Chapter 1 – Globalization, Americanization and Cultural Translation: Post-Cold War Reconfigurations/ 15

1.1. American-European Cultural Interactions: A Brief History /15

1.2. Cultural Globalization and Americanization: Definitions, Strategies, Scope/28

1.3. The Role of Cultural Translation in the Process of Americanization /41

1.4. Conclusions / 48

Chapter 2 – Post-Communist Romanian Interpretations of the Impact of American Culture/ 51

2.1. Romanian Perceptions of American Culture: Communist Legacies and post-Communist Reconfigurations /51

2.2. Romanian Fascination with American Culture – Strategies of Americanization/ 57

2.3. Americanization as Instrument of Cultural Redefining and Renewal /69

2.4. Conclusions /76

Chapter 3 – Contemporary European anti-Americanism: A Conceptual Framework  78

3.1. Anti-Americanism between Reason and Emotion/ 78

3.2. Sources of anti-Americanism/ 87

3.3. The anti-American Tradition in Western Europe/ 94

3.4. Eastern European Perceptions of America /105

3.5. Conclusions / 115

Chapter 4 – Anti-American Discourse and Discourse on anti-Americanism in Post-Communist Romanian Culture /118

4.1. Introductory Remarks / 118

4.2. Romanian Discourse against Extreme anti-Americanism: 9/ 11 and its Aftermath/ 119

4.3. Perceptions of anti-Americanism Abroad /132

4.4. In America’s Defense: the Dangers of anti-Americanism in Romania/ 138

4.5. Features of Romanian anti-American Trends/ 146

4.6. The Discourse against the Americanization of Romanian Culture/ 153

4.7. Conclusions/ 158

Concluding Remarks /161

Bibliography/ 164

Irina David

Is an Assistant Lecturer with the Department of Modern Languages and Business Communication from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. 

She has a BA in English and French languages and literatures from the University of Bucharest, an MS in Business Communication in English and one in English Language Education and Research Communication in Business and Economics, both from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. 

In 2012 she received her degree of Doctor in Philology from the University of Bucharest. 

She co-authored several textbooks on business communication in English and cultural studies. 

She is also the author and co-author of various articles which focus on cultural and methodological topics. 

Her main areas of interest include business communication in English, cultural issues related to language training, or developing critical thinking skills.


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