Psychology of Success. Autosuggestion and Relaxation

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ISBN: 978-973-749-897-7

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: I

Pages: 368

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Irina Holdevici

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This paper addresses a topic of great interest to a wide range of readers concerned with the psychological aspects of human performance in general.
Scientists have concluded that there are some common elements that characterize human personality that succeeds regardless of the activity.
Of course, there are differences, especially in terms of skills, which may be psychomotor in sports, artistic or management, but success-oriented personality seems to be pushed by the same specific internal springs.
Furthermore, methods of control and self-mental states, which have their origin in human psychology today is increasingly expanding in all categories of human activity and especially in educational psychology, to prevent school failure and / or professional due to factors The emotional nature.
Stress, for example, is a constant dimension of our daily life. If by 1989 the factors stressors you, first, the negative aspects of the dictatorship, currently, the company brings to the stage of life transition, new types of stressful situations: uncertainty, fast and often unpredictable change, competition, unemployment, the need for reorientation and rapid retraining and, last but not least, lower living standards. People as isolated individuals rarely have the opportunity to influence external stressful events. All I can do is to acquire some adaptive strategies to make them more resistant to physical aggression and effective activity.
After describing the psychological mechanisms of mental stress work offers readers some simple ways to prevent and combat negative consequences of stress. These are: autosuggestion, positive thinking, relaxation and mental Self. Simple techniques are described in detail the self psychological states, techniques that subjects can practice independently, without resorting to the services of professional offices.
Are helping themselves, they will save time, money and tranquilizers, avoiding to become offices of psychotherapy or psychiatric patients.
Furthermore, these techniques have not only self psihoprofilactic role of prevention of psychosomatic disorders and neurotic, but autoinformativ role, their practice by helping healthy people to increase the efficiency of mental processes and functions (to gain a Good attention span, memory with superscript a will stronger and higher emotional balance) and performance in business.
Here are some psychological theories of personality, insisting on some specific features great performance on some simple tests by which everybody can know some traits of temperament or character without necessarily addressing some psychological practices authorized.
The most important part of the paper is devoted to techniques of self control and mental states to balance emotional and increasing personal performance.
Among these relaxation exercises Hatha-Yoga, hypnosis, and some behavioral therapy techniques.
Author's work is the fruit of experience in the field of psychotherapy, psychology, sports psychology and behavior to optimize it including data from the literature, and clinical cases in which psychotherapeutic techniques and helped autoformative person to become healthier, more balanced, more efficient.
This paper addresses all those who wish to enrichment and be healthy, efficient and succeed regardless of the activity.



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Irina Holdevici

He has published 25 books and over 100 studies and articles in clinical psychology, psychotherapy and psychology of sport.

Clinical hypnosis is a psychotherapist and trainer in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy.

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