Health Psychology - Approaches used - Vol I

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ISBN: 978-973-749-943-1

Publisher year: 2010

Edition: I

Pages: 198

Publisher: Editura Universitară

Author: Eugen Avram

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Health Psychology is a very vast field of study, with profound implications for psychological practice in all areas of human life, social. This paper aims to provide modern landmarks wishing additional training in this discipline. Assembly of volumes entitled "Health psychology - approaches applied - including studies, signed by Romanian authors, academics, practitioners in health organizations, and young people aspiring to a career in health.
The objective of these publications is an increase in information capital, updating information in the university curriculum, highlighting the contributions of Romanian and international, and especially the personal contributions of the authors, valuing the current scientific interests and practical experience.
Both studies appeared in volumes in 2010, and those that follow aim to cover general and specific topics of health psychology. In a review of the topics mentioned fields following themes: the need to study psychology, health, health psychology models (eg, biopsychosocial model), body systems (nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, etc..) Disorders and psychology (in heart disease, diabetes, congestion, brain injuries, arthritis, HIV, etc..) subdomains specialized applications (psihoendocrinologie, psychoneuroimmunology, psihocardiologie etc.), promoting healthy behavior (eg, maintaining a healthy diet, weight control, sleep , smoking and alcoholism - Psychological aspects, social, treatment strategies), models of behavior change, accident prevention, behavior and severe diagnoses such as cancer, stress and determinants, disease, personality and coping, wellbeing, social support, family The couple, psychological balance, Psychologist role in the therapy of sick people, emotional responses to chronic diseases (denial, anxiety, depression), control techniques thoughts, emotions and other symptoms dezadaptative, pain management and chronic disease, pain psychotherapy (hypnosis, imagery directed, patient distraction, etc..), quality of life, psychological intervention in chronic disease, patient education, health promotion programs, methodological issues (evaluation, measurement of health and psycho-behavioral countless variables), research challenges and applications in particular existential health psychology staff (family, clinics, organizations, etc..), use of health services, interventions in hospitals or specialist units, hospitalization of children, training for medical interventions, characteristics of people who work in health, communication psychologist patient, patient-physician, cost, etc. needed to run health programs. These contributions add modern theme: psycho-behavioral boundaries of normality, healthy personality studies, positive personality, psychological aspects of brain pathologies, dezadaptative phenomena, physical frailty in psychosomatic disorders, studies of family and partnership dynamics, therapeutic activities and relationships, current standards of practice exercise in health psychology, etc.
Intention publisher and author is to continue this approach editorial in the years to come, with pretenders will strengthen employment training in health, but also those already active in these structures.

Eugen Avram

Eugen Avram is Lecturer. PhD,  Department of Psychology / P.S.E. University of Bucharest.
He has three masters in psychology.
His work included teaching constantly disciplines: psychology, management, leadership and management, organizational change and development.
He is responsible with the activity of the Department of the Romanian Society of Neurosurgery and performs research and development organizational health, at Emergency Hospital Bagdasar-Arseni.
He has published over 30 research studies in professional journals.
Is coordinator of several books:
- Current Trends in organizational psychology, Polirom, (2008, co-publisher: Cary L. Cooper),
- Psychology in modern organizations (2008),
- Psychology in a 
positive world (2008),
- Organizational Psychology-management - applied perspectives (2007),
- Psychology/ management in the European context (2007, co-publisher: RZ Cretu) (all Editura Universitara, Bucharest).
He is the author of the first books with applications in health psychology / neurosurgery services: Development of health management organizations - service excellence of Neurosurgery, University Publishing House, Bucharest (with AV Ciurea and V. Gh. Ciubotaru).

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