Părintele competent. Relationarea eficienta cu copilul intre 6 si 10/11 ani

ISBN: 978-606-28-0267-7

DOI: 10.5682/9786062802677

Publisher year: 2015

Edition: I

Pages: 118

Publisher: Editura Universitară

Author: Simona Glăveanu

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Simona Glăveanu

Simona Maria Glăveanu is assistant professor in the Department of Psychology Ph.D. Ecological University Bucharest. Teaching activity includes psychological counseling in schools, group dynamics, etc.. He participated in numerous scientific conferences, published over 25 studies, research in books and national and international journals.

Among these include selective:

Scientia socialism, Lithuania - Validating the training schedule for Parental Competence in,, Problems of Psychology in the 21st Century ", Vol 2, (2012).

The Romanian Academy, Bucharest has published:
Stress resistance resource of parenting competence, Psychology Review, Volume 58 No.1 (2012),
- Parental models revealed the familiar picture - approach nomotetics in, Journal of Psychology, Vol 57 No. 1 (2011), Ethno-cultural particularities in adult education, philosophical-psychological research, No.2, (2010).

At Editura Universitara, Bucharest has also published:
- Family and psycho-behavioral development of children, Health psychology, Avram, E. (Eds.) (2010);
- Diagnosis of verbal communication as a vehicle stability / instability of conjugal informal, in Modern research in psychology. Individual, group, organization: applied studies, Milcu, M. (Eds.) (2010);
- A multifactorial model of parental competence, Modern psychological research: Directions and perspectives vs. quantitative research. Qualitative research, Milcu, M, Griebel, W.; Sassu, R. (Eds.) (2009);
- Management of psychological services in education, Psychology in modern organizations, Avram, E. (Eds.) (2008).

In other publishers, has published:
- The family - mediating factor in delinquency behavior in "Trends and perspectives in addressing psychological and sintalităţii human uniqueness", MAI publishing house, Bucharest (2010);
- Development of basic social skills in young career management, Prospects for career development of young in European context ", Sigma Publishing House, Bucharest (2009);
- Coordinates the pedagogical counseling of children and youth with conduct disorder, Neuroscience and Clinical Psychology, Avram, E., Tătăreanu, L. (Eds.), Didactic and Pedagogic Publishing House, Bucharest (2009).

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