Quality management in preschool: values​​, skills, practices

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ISBN: 978-606-591-355-4

DOI: 10.5682/9786065913554

Publisher year: 2012

Edition: I

Pages: 251

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Georgeta Matei

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This paper summarizes the original contributions made ​​by the author on management development in preschool institutions, raise educational performance, on the one hand, the production, measurement, monitoring and improvement of the entire educational process, on the other.

Based on a dense and relevant managerial experience in preschool education, the author engages the reader to reflect on the achievements in this field, nationally and globally. Are provided also constructive suggestions for improving important for analyzes, guidance and advice to managers in pre-school in Romania. Targets are significantly oriented motivating stakeholders, improving the quality of educational services, focusing attention on support for preschool children, conjugation systematic efforts to increase network performance in specific strategic management of public and private kindergartens.

The project management specialist inspectors for primary education and can offer a training program directors responsible for kindergarten or kindergarten networks have a significant added value. All work gives substance and real investigative notes contributory approach to progress on management skills training and assessment of integrated, coherent and articulate the skills, knowledge, values ​​and positive attitudes become active and recognized body of values ​​formed in and through science education.

* * *

Need to enter scientific and teaching - new methodological paradigm of Total Quality Management (TQM), at pre-application - the human becoming that person is a current. It is noted that the efforts invested and achievements to meet the urgent imperative of the so useful a work by the author with clear added value.

Approaching a new theme, I could say "tomorrow" in the formal space of Romanian education, a subject of great interest in the context of psycho - socio - The education, namely for improving management in preschool, we stand in efforts essential logic circumscribed attempts to identify areas of use of the actors participating in educational activities in school, sometimes less motivated to get involved and perform in order to promote quality management.

Author's research focuses primarily on nursery management practices and inclusion in the sample investigated three categories of actors: teachers, principals, policy makers and parents - is likely to provide fertile conceptual complementarities for evaluators and beneficiaries.

Returning to work economic indicators, highlight some landmarks that define the author's contributions and the value added in fulfilling quality research on the one hand, satisfaction and interest of the reader informed, on the other.

First, is the frame structure of the paper noted, the relevant all five chapters. They cover in an appropriate manner, both the analysis and synthesis of relevant literature and research methodology and results. The titles are clear and challenging themselves: Theoretical, methodological valuations - applied in TQM and performance evaluation of preschool institutions, applied research methodology, results, interpretations, comments, for improved project management performance in kindergarten.

The natural sequence specificity approaches, the first synthesis presents a modern vision of the socio - educational preschool present specific characteristics of quality management in education, new openings of early education focused on principles, values, philosophy, vision, attitudes and educational practices efficient and effective. Production, quality assurance and improvement in care institution management is a necessary and useful to readers of all levels, especially those involved in this field.

Texts for teaching the fundamentals of quality philosophy, modern management features implemented in kindergarten and refined and original analysis of valuing methodology - applications in TQM and performance evaluation strategies of preschool institutions, leading to frame an idea worthy of note: on the pragmaticsconduct educational sciences to identify optimal areas and the critical application in early education, the analysis of their implications in the learning organization are sometimes obstacles can sometimes be incentives for successful implementation.

Comprehensiveness, relevance and consistency of research methodology are derived from the power of persuasion of the author attached vision analysis context, the quality of assistance and investigative approach catalyst, type research - action. Also included are clear manner of the presentation objectives, rich listing for inventory variables, statements hypothetical substance, sample representativeness, toolbox, especially questionnaires for teachers, principals, parents, school document analysis, integrated naturally into logical stages of development of research .

The research included a component for direct collaboration with those involved in the investigation, by applying focus - group, with an estimated duration of three hours and examined by discussion around important topics. I remember: assessing the level and quality of kindergarten work in their current structure and function, evaluating the quality of teachers - teachers in terms of preparation / training in their institutions of higher education, kindergarten directors assessing behavior and define the quality personologic configure their profile, since that parents are satisfied with the benefits of kindergarten teachers - teachers, principals, school inspector, related services personnel, of the administration, formulation of proposals for improving the future quality of kindergarten education activities and services - health, pedagogical advice; forming an opinion on how teachers are evaluated by inspection school teachers of all kinds. A revealing picture of the research panel is provided correlated strongly oriented synthetic methodology, which explains the correlation between objectives, variables, hypotheses and research tools items.

Increased operational value turns out to be investigating the management practices of kindergarten directors. Priority is here to identify the factors which determine their actual involvement in quality management implementation and achieving performance in pre-school education early. I remember the economy surveys: perceptions of quality pre-school institution, understanding the need to improve decisions on processes taking place in kindergarten, level and extent of cooperation actors; manifestation of motivation in training, creating a positive context for improving teaching quality by streamlining benefits assessmentsperformed by specialized inspectors.

Significant is the way analytical data obtained from the questionnaires, the interpretation of each variable for different research groups investigated. Become parts of analysis and interpretation of how the implementation of quality management to improve the educational process, the attributes of professional quality, organizational culture values, convergence / divergence interest stakeholders in education, level of institutional participation in the organization and community; types of activities integrated into programs and projects psihosocioeducaţionale; opening that they have in creating a system of quality management practices associated experiential values, preferences beneficiaries on curricular options, perception efforts to ensure success and improving the quality of educational services repertoire positive ways of adapting to change , feedback and suggestions for intervention and support of improvement.

Research findings highlight the epistemological and methodological value - driven the need to create an active network between pre-school and between the components of quality management involving actors. Data indicate a confirmation of hypotheses and research from an environmental perspective.

Note here only some of the most provocative hypotheses of the author:
- If kindergarten / school by its principal actors - teachers, managers, inspectors - known and ensures quality in all departments of preschool education, the training of children - quality, pace, progress, relative autonomy and attitudes of nursery education will be relevant;

- If the school / kindergarten there are concerns in building systematic and ensure proper child development: mental, intellectual, social, moral, emotional, physical, act playful;

- And if the family and local community - actors, processes, relationships, etc. - Will be prepared / formed to determine, to influence and assess the quality of preschool education institution according to clear criteria relevant to the network subsystem

Then: a) increase awareness of educators to mature social integration of children from primary and secondary family and kindergarten, b) is manifested satisfaction of parents, community and local authority bodies to manage network kindergarten or kindergarten in an area determined - district, city, c) will be allowed certain favorable for:

- Implementation of total quality management care institution;
- A proper and harmonious development of the child, based on values, attitudes and pro-social behaviors more mature interactive;
- Relevant training school for further development of the child to integrate its group of origin, the reference class school and community.

Accents are not missing critical and relevant: teachers exploit the relative position knowledge, directors are not involved enough in developing a quality management evaluation presents some malfunction, parents are not sufficiently responsible and accountable for the education of their children at home, etc.., etc. ..

Empirical research presented in the paper led to the validation of a model for project management specialist in pre-school inspectors and a possible training program for directors of kindergarten / kindergarten networks. It adds a diagnosis of current situation of quality preschool education, rich tools offer stakeholders in early childhood education, etc. Thus, it is anticipated positive effects such as increased motivation for improving the quality of educational services, focusing attention on support for preschool children, working together to increase performance in kindergarten institution.

Consider appropriate and relevant recommendations made by the author of various actors in the field - teachers, principals, inspectors, parents - which aim to create an optimal framework needed to implement quality management in pre-school.

Strength work and analysis resulting bibliography reference spectrum, including current text in the field, selected both from foreign literature and from the Romanian, the authors known and obvious scientific recognition in the field, in the community.

The project management for specialized pre-school inspectors and possible training program for directors of kindergarten / kindergarten networks have a significant added value, confirming the substance investigative approach, improvements in managerial skills - skills, knowledge, values and positive attitudes towards science education.

Reading this text - originally a doctoral thesis - in which I was scientific coordinator - leave our consciousness and significant positive images chosen style, pleasant, simple, not simplistic. The analysis is deeply human, is both scientific, technical, teaching. Author attempts are successful, their performance status, have vision and force of penetration in the public, sometimes troubled quality management. A profession where you need positive changes, the reflection, passed on the light where you need balance, maturity, commitment and involvement (and not by political pressure), blood culturalizatoare involving values, a sample for submission to the dynamics, meditation, dignity and professional ethos.

We wish good fortune and fulfillment of expectations readers of this occurrence, and aspiring managers in this difficult position and soon the profession.


Bucharest, January 2012

Department of Psychology
University of Bucharest 

  • Managementul calităţii în învăţământul preşcolar: valori, competenţe, practici

Georgeta Matei

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