Professor portfolio - Tool for evaluation or professional development?

24,09 Lei

ISBN: 978-973-749-976-9

Publisher year: 2010

Edition: I

Pages: 178

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Zoia Bozu

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In recent decades, speaks more about the importance of training and professional development of university professors and about how it must overcome issues in specialized fields update to address this issue and its pedagogical training. It is not enough just to have scientific training, and specialized knowledge to dominate their curricular domain but to exercise their profession according to the new vision that fits current teaching-learning process, requesting a new type of specialist with a strong pedagogical training. New vision on the current model of teacher demonstrates a type of professional practice and reflection that you have knowledge in practice, that the results of its work reflexioneaza and that, after all, investigating on their own teaching practices. In order to achieve this and to approach this new model, we believe that teaching portfolio, defined as a collection of selected materials with the intention of explaining or teaching performance produced during a formative process, and the Reflexion upon to evaluate, can be a very appropriate in this regard.
In this volume the author treats the subject portfolio Zoia Bozu professor, always approached it from a dual perspective as a tool for evaluating teachers and, in particular, the formative tool for professional development.
The book, divided into nine chapters, marked by an introduction and an epilogue finally begins with a brief description of current patterns and trends in teacher training university teachers to address then, theories or theoretical models concerning the occurrence and use the portfolio.
The paper concludes with a short glossary that defines certain concepts that the author requires an explanation and a more detailed and several appendices that include some concrete examples of different portfolio models used in other international contexts.

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Zoia Bozu

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