Feelings pill

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ISBN: 978-606-591-075-1

Publisher year: 2010

Edition: I

Pages: 62

Publisher: Universitară


Cristina Daniela Popovici
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"I'm just a sentimental"

So it says firmly, and when a young poet of 21 years, currently a student at ASE, autocaracterizare reckoned dangerous for some, encouraging others.
In an era of decadent morality of violence, egocentrism, the clogging deeper into "the underground" a society increasingly obsessed with money and given prodigalitatii and filth, declare yourself to "feel" of risk to be considered anachronistic, an "outsider" cosmopolitan elitists removed from churches. The confident receive a breath of oxygen, thinking that the feeling has not disappeared yet with its specific attributes: kindness, sincerity, gentle, pure, elegant and emotional that metric verse - communicative longer wear, the language of literary purified vulgar, pornographic, lexical implants trade longer required after two decades of sterile aesthetic experiments.
Personally, part of those who have the duty to judge the literary picture without anger and passion as a mentor for over 60 years, I join those who believe in the effect of encouraging this type of poetry that brings peace, harmony and balance.
Cristina Popovici I met her 13 years as a poet of exceptional school, accepted as a member of the national literary circle "Sagittarius", which I created and run him over 45 years with prestigious results. He was a child prodigy, widely accepted that verse without fail, in a language easily cultists, but music, clear and charming, which is the world themes of the great classic theme: well drawn pastels, portraits of human meditations, evocations of historical lyrical Occasionally clean but the usual slogans versificatorilor and rewarded with numerous awards.
With this first volume student "pill feelings," three volumes appeared after high school, far from seeking to amaze ideational and stylistic and as a sign of maturity, attitude abandons Cristina "classic" lyricism "objective" for a poem in May free, even intimate confessions, by definition, the search for aesthetic formulas to meet her inner world, and nefabricata necautata to discover that genuine stamp, without concern for the enslave "fads" in fashion, derided by Caragiale. A "feeling" he declared himself Humanized pastels are good - subtle establishing emotional connections with nature and celestial elements - restless state of waiting, longing, nostalgia, sadness, joy, excitement, in the best tradition of the Romanian romances.
In Cristina's lyrics begin to be felt spiritual needs of youth uncontaminated by literary doctrine of import, eager to purify consciousness to return to a foreign transparent sincerity of cynicism, and not an organic original flasher to eliminate artificial current poetry, perverse style, abscons, modern approach instinctualitatii primitive lyrical universes virtual isolation, and depression drug intoxicated condition, in search advertising and celebrity shocking speed.
Cristina is a kind of priestess of moral purity, not suave or refuse heraclitismului and noble-nostalgic breeze of love poetry and want to restore naturalness, simplicity, ingenuity, warm and direct address, proposing rediscover our "feeling" the only way access to a more intimate communication and a deeper and lasting solidarity between people.

Prof. Dr. Tudor Opris
Member of the Writers Union and the
International Academy M. Eminescu

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Cristina Daniela Popovici
Cristina Daniela Popovici

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