Polyglot dictionary of English-Romanian-French-German-Spanish economic terms

ISBN: 978-606-28-0837-2

DOI: 10.5682/9786062808372

Publisher year: 2018

Edition: I

Pages: 352

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Marina Luminita Militaru

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Marina Luminita Militaru

Globalization. This is the word that characterizes the era in which we work, live, exist, but especially coexist. The ever-expanding relationships, almost inconceivable a few decades ago, of whatever kind they may be - social, political, economic - require increasingly complex skills and competencies. Among them, communication in foreign languages ​​and multilingualism occupy a particularly important place, especially in the economic field, a fact that is unanimously recognized: “Language skills play an increasingly important role in increasing the employment rate of young people. and training them to work abroad. They are also a factor of competitiveness; poor language skills cause many companies to lose their contracts and prevent workers from looking for jobs in countries other than their own. ”
In this context, a working tool such as this polyglot dictionary (English-Romanian-French-German-Spanish) - which we make available to specialists in economics, students in economics or philology, translators in and from these languages, but and the general public - proves to be particularly useful. Useful for understanding and producing economic texts, for written and oral communication in an economic context.
The authors endeavored to offer the public an inventory of terms as complex as possible (5,000 entries), covering various but essential branches of the economy: finance, accounting, marketing, foreign trade, transportation. The selection of the terms was made based on the frequency of their appearance in authentic contemporary economic contexts.
As English has become, at least in the economic field, a lingua franca, the polyglot dictionary starts from this language and proposes a real foray into Romanian, French, German and Spanish, which allows users not only to find the equivalent they are looking for, but and to enrich their linguistic baggage with terms from other languages.
We hope to convince readers of the usefulness of this polyglot dictionary, the result of teamwork and intense scientific documentation.The authors


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