Aromanians in Romania. Name of person

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ISBN: 978-973-749-852-6

Publisher year: 2010

Edition: I

Pages: 236

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Dumitru Carabas

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Anthroponomical system of Aromanians in Romania has been analyzed so far, in many ways, both professionals and novice researchers, but always only in part or in passing. There was no attempt made in the overall analysis of linguistic material present name, first name and surname or the Aromanians in our country or abroad.
Today we honor our decision on the first comprehensive study on anthroponomical almost Aromanians in Romania, with linguistic material in bulk, new and hitherto unexplored by the author manages to make light in an area insufficiently studied often difficult to accept fully the findings of most specialists.
After a series of findings, many times the original, on anthroponomical Balkan Aromanians in Romania in context, or to the research to date on the idiom and birthday Aromanians in Romania or the structure anthroponyms Aromanian regarded as biblical and calendar items and derived the common words in place names, neomiţându is no presence of foreign elements in anthroponomical Aromanians, we present a pertinent analysis titled anthroponomical Suffixes used in Aromanian.
The text in question has convinced us that the author has a great capacity for synthesis and analysis, that knows how to use the bibliography consulted and analyzed data provided by the linguistic material that makes comments based on rigorous scientific arguments. We believe that this paper is to Mr. Dr. Dumitru Carabas, just the beginning of future linguistic research, especially those related to anthroponomical and Aromanians toponymy, language and culture, both those in Romania and in the entire Balkan area , where the remaining very few specialists. The schools in our neighborhood as balcanistică so, especially in the world, young researchers no longer appear and the old left almost all of us. Therefore we believe that the emergence of a young researcher as a reason for hope for Romanian balcanistica.

Prof. univ. dr. Mile Tomici


  • Aromanians in Romania. Name of person


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