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Editura Universitara Theory and methodology assessment

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ISBN: 978-973-749-952-3

Publisher year: 2010

Edition: I

Pages: 330

Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Marin Manolescu

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"Theory and methodology of evaluation" aims to capture the range of issues and trends stable and predictable configuration, integrated into an overview and a model able to fix the meaning of the evaluation of acquisitions in recent decades, the direction of possible transformations.
It is for both:
• students in the initial training for teaching careers;
• teachers have formed at all levels: teachers working in middle school and high school teachers, teacher, teacher, primary and preschool teachers etc. who continue training through various forms of training: completed, academic degrees, etc..
This paper brings forward the evaluation of recent approaches to education, from different perspectives: conceptual, procedural, structural, etc. that purpose.
It also aims to provide teaching this discipline specific issues, but also aims at explaining the developments and said the modernization of school evaluation, terminology and developments semantic boundaries. They are based on recent acquisitions in psychology, sociology, computer science, communication theory, etc.. who put their powerful influence on educational theory and practice.
Special challenge that launches "Theory and methodology of evaluation" evaluation approach is the school but from the perspective of competencies, in line with the general tendency to promote the "pedagogical skills". we are witnesses to or participants already. At the same time I tried to give the work a practical applicability. Chapter "Steps application" provides examples, illustrations, comments and suggestions, tools, methods that can inspire students and teachers in their evaluative efforts. "Applications and the themes of reflection" at the end of each chapter can stimulate ideas, approaches autoreflexive, searching for solutions to problems proposed.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The author

Marin Manolescu
Marin Manolescu

Prof. Marin Manolescu is. PhD at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Bucharest.
He is currently professor and director of the Department of Pedagogy of Primary and Preschool Teach save Bucharest from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, coordinator of the Master "Education presecundara. Development policies and strategies. "
A pre-university teaching career through all the steps (teacher, professor) and universal sieve. Is PhD in science education.
Areas of scientific competence and teaching: theory and methodology of assessment, curriculum theory, initial and continuous training of teachers, professional practice and teaching. It has a rich management experience, probably at the university and university education institutions and central level.
He participated in various stages of training and development at home and abroad, participate in various national and international projects and programs: SOP HRD, PHARE, World Bank, ARACIS, UNICEF, MECI, as an expert or assessor.
He has published five books of the author, as co-author three books, is the coordinator of several works by the author team, is the author and coauthor of studies and articles published in magazines and specialized scientific publications in the country and abroad. Is a member of the editorial teams of magazines in the field of education.

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