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Editura Universitara Today's teacher. Your guide for starting your teaching career - Gratiela Ianos

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Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Gratiela Ianos

Edition: I

Pages: 90

Publisher year: 2023

ISBN: 978-606-28-1691-9

DOI: 10.5682/9786062816919

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The beginning of the teaching career is not without challenges. Enthusiasm, knowledge, collaboration and mentors are needed to contribute to the success of each beginning teacher. The present work is a "mentor" that models, provides information for individual reflection and examples of good practices ready to be transferred in real contexts. If you are a beginning teacher, I invite you to a journey where you will explore ways to transform learning, create new learning experiences and familiarize yourself with specific work tools.
Therefore, the work is an invitation to start together on this path of knowledge and success in education.

The Author
  • Today's teacher. Your guide to start your teaching career


Transform learning! / 10
How do you build transformative learning experiences? / 10
How do you use the taxonomy of objectives to guide learning? / 14
How do you formulate clear and well-defined objectives? / 20
What can you do to improve students' retention capacity? / 22
How do you differentiate training? / 24
Check if they understood! / 26
What does the understanding check refer to? / 26
Why is it essential to check? / 28
How do you check understanding? / 29
Make sense of the verification results! / 31
"Aha"/"Hmm" moments / 33
Smile / 33
Word sorting / 34
Take a look! / 35
Entry ticket/exit ticket / 36
Word cloud / 36
Conceptual map / 37
Brain Selfie / 37
More than a class of students: build a community / 38
Why is it important to build a community? / 38
What should the class community look like? / 39
What can you do to build a classroom community? / 40
Bank of emotions / 41
Wish list / 42
The microscope of experiences / 43
A successful community! / 43
Table of diversity / 44
It's (only) the fault of colleagues! / 44
Me, You, WE! / 46
Create positive relationships with parents! / 47
The common journal / 49
Portrait of father / 50
Map of empathy / 51
I know one, you know another / 52
The minute of love / 53
Compass of communication / 54
Teacher's shoes / 54
Waiting list / 55
Whispers of appreciation / 56
Resizing roles / 57
Unforgettable memories / 58
Manage documents! / 59
The teacher's professional portfolio / 60
Education plan / 60
School curriculum / 60
Professional training standard / 61
School manual / 61
Calendar planning / 61
Self-assessment sheet / 62
Educational software and digital tools associated with the teacher's activity / 62
Work tools / 65
Annex 1. Indicative structure of the differentiated training plan / 65
Appendix 2. Wheel of emotions / 66
Appendix 3. Template for describing emotions / 67
Appendix 4. Wish list / 68
Appendix 5. The microscope of experiences. Infographic with the rules of the class / 69
Appendix 6. Me, You, WE! / 70
Annex 7. The common journal / 75
Appendix 8. Portrait of father / 76
Appendix 9. Map of Empathy / 77
Appendix 10. Compass of communication / 78
Appendix 11. Teacher's shoes / 79
Appendix 12. List of expectations / 80
Appendix 13. Unforgettable memories / 82
Annex 14. Calendar planning for subjects from the common core (TC) or the curriculum at the school's decision (CDS), / 83
Annex 15. Calendar planning for subjects from the differentiated curriculum (CD) or the local development curriculum (CDL) / 84
Appendix 16. Project of the learning unit / 85
Bibliography / 86

In a continuously evolving society, the teacher's role becomes more and more complex and demanding. It is not enough to have extensive knowledge in a certain field; we must transpose them, in the most effective way, into meaningful learning experiences. "Today's teacher. Your guide for starting your teaching career" is created especially for teachers at the beginning of their career, to support them in improving their teaching strategies and in building harmonious relationships with students and their parents. Through this book, I want to share ideas of learning activities and tools, in relation to the topic addressed, which will inspire and motivate in the mission to train the future generations.

The first chapter, "Transform learning!" offers a comprehensive framework that guides the construction of transformative learning experiences, highlighting the teacher's role in creating such experiences and a stimulating and interactive learning environment.

"Check if they understood!" it reveals the importance of the effective performance of the formative evaluation and the selection of instructional interventions in relation to the students' needs. It is essential to know when and how to evaluate progress and capitalize on the results, in order to ensure an educational path as efficient and harmonious as possible.

The third chapter, "More than a class of students: build a community", focuses on the community of the class of students, a place where each student feels valued and accepted. This chapter offers ideas for cultivating a cooperative, supportive, and stimulating environment, where learning becomes a pleasant and meaningful experience.

"Create positive relationships with parents!" highlights the role played by the relationship between teachers and parents in the development of students, providing examples of activities through which positive relationships with parents can be built and maintained, in order to create a solid partnership for the benefit of students.

The last chapter, "Manage documents!", focuses on the efficient organization of documents and the management of administrative tasks, essential aspects in a teaching career.

I invite you to discover ideas that will inspire you in the act of teaching, in building positive relationships and creating a positive learning environment, in which each student can develop and reach their maximum potential!

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