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CISMIGIU books The wavy man - Ovidiu Bufnila

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Novel awarded with the 2nd PRIZE in the manuscript competition "FULLFILL A DREAM", 3rd edition, 2023

Publisher: Cismigiu Books

Author: Ovidiu Bufnila

Edition: I

Pages: 544

Publisher year: 2023

ISBN: 978-606-28-1671-1

DOI: 10.5682/9786062816711

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The Veiled Man is actually the crazy story of Modern Man. The action of the novel The Veiled Man takes place in familiar spaces but also in strange, fantastic worlds, with strong connections and contacts with present, past and future histories. The main character struggles to overcome the identity crisis that is clouding our entire present reality. It is a battle of ideas, a real battle, in which invented characters are caught but also a lot of real characters from national and international cultural life, from national and international political life. The conflict rages in all directions, with the main character having as his opponent a fabulous character named Pitoshkin. Far from being an ordinary being, over the course of the novel, Pitoshkin reveals himself to be a tumultuous ideational complex that clouds everyone's minds in an unreal, harsh and dangerous way. The main character has a tough fight with this Pitoshkin who represents an interesting and critical aspect of the modern world. Anchored and unanchored in the reality of the modern world, the Masked Man, the main character of the novel, fights with the new phantasms of the real world and of the virtual world, worlds that endlessly merge into one another. The key to the novel is the recovery of Self, Being, Love and Moral Beauty. The ending is open because, in fact, the key to the recovery of identity in the endless ocean of histories, characters, events, wars and revolutions, lies in the heart of the reader.

As a speculative plot in a narrative that unfolds widely in time and space, the novel THE WAVY MAN by Ovidiu Bufnilă is a collage of images from the past, present and future, a collage of famous names, public or forgotten by the world, morals, attitudes, travels ...
The Facebook world living only through the digitized virtual is a form of human disintegration. You can be anyone but not yourself!
The headliner, superstar in the novel THE WAVY MAN is Pitoșkin, imprinted by Facebook and other social networks in every virtual consumer. Lack of real identity creates phantoms, avatars, and stealing a stick is identity theft.
"Human Comedy" in the age of the selfie has its portraits in color, with variable identities. From Prince Bibescu, King Ferdinand, Mata Hari to Alonso, the "bat-man" or many other famous names, everything is "mixed" in a universal, virtual soup, under one desired phrase: I could be...
Ovidiu Bufnilă's novel highlights precisely this fear of being yourself that is constantly fueled, everywhere, by advertising surrogates.
From Balzac's "Human Comedy" to the age of the selfie, characters wander hallucinatory, passing through each other. Nothing remains of them, only the idea of searching for the real treasure of Prince Bibescu.


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