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Volume awarded with the SECOND PRIZE within the Manuscript Contest FULFILL A DREAM - POETRY section

ISBN: 978-606-28-1309-3

DOI: 10.5682/9786062813093

Publisher year: 2021

Edition: I

Pages: 54

Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Andreea Iulia Scridon

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The author dives into a daily life with dramatic halo, bathes the crowd through objects & frames (re) lived, immerses us in the interstices between "now" and "then", she is transparent, present, accomplice, authentic-sensitive, she writes like this how to leave the evening in the afternoon - aievea and unmistakable. I want more!

Mihai Ivascu

What irresistible gentleness and delicate power! What a gift of grace for our poetry is this poet who thinks in English, feels Romanian and speaks splendidly in both! Andreea Iulia Scridon writes with a gift and a tone, with a polymorphic and bilingual ison beyond unison. Her self-translation spills over into all (all poems and all poets) to return to herself alienated and revealingly alienated. "I took the road / Over the border" (Dylan Thomas), for example, becomes, whitmanian and autobiographical at the same time, "I took the road / Above the border ..." would he have re-written / written this way, or would he ever say "Huge stones crushed / fainted and drunk along the roads"? We also have real readers who will adore the poet who "shaves" brilliantly and sensually, scattering you from three monoverbal verses, or keeping you feverish in the grip of a new Poet en Nueva ... Bucharest observing, sarcastically, including the company Perla Clejean SRL ... unreal and natural, like a wave of inventive-elastic vegetation, here, poetry invades our polluted city overnight. She is still tender (slender, not fragile), and always hyper-sensitive, but nothing and no one can stop her, because whoever is alive is really going to love her.

Chris Tanasescu (MARGENTO)
ANDREEA IULIA SCRIDON is a Romanian-American writer and translator. Born in Romania, she emigrated with her parents to the United States as a child and grew up in Florida. She studied Comparative Literature at King's College London and Creative Writing at Oxford University. He translated Mouse B and other stories by Ion D. Sirbu into English, as well as the poems of Traian T. Cosovei with Adam J. Sorkin. He has two books of poetry in preparation with publishing houses in the United States and Great Britain.

Thoughts on self-translation / 9
Preface / 13
Somewhere between slum and acquittal / 15
I would love you / 16
The confessions of a dromomaniac / 17
Salimar / 18
Clusium / 19
Nimb / 24
The South/ 25
Moonlight / 28
The three bars / 29
Pond / 30
Cartography of Bucharest (sketch) / 31
Glossary / 37
Under the apple / 38
Cipariu Square / 39
Hymn / 41
Terra / 43
Wasp wasps / 44
About pain / 45
Crisan Mircioiu / 46
Reverie / 48
A cosmonaut / 49
Remembrance / 50
Shell / 52
Queen of the night / 53

What strikes first of all in these poems is - beyond their indisputable literary value - the depth of the voice, whose age you cannot intuit. The challenge increases in intensity when you realize that, in fact, the author is young, very young and if it is said that prose occurs with time, the issue becomes null when it comes to poetry, and Andreea Scridon demonstrates this aspect with modesty and joviality. Why do I say joviality? - because it is a playful poetry, but of a serious, spectacular and deep play, full of magnetism. As for the author - she plays (she still has the ability to play and plays beautifully and seductively), she hides, flirts with an complicit naturalness and tells stories about cities, people, states - as attaching as they are confusing in their intimate universe. The poems have a contaminating energy and their author proves an exacerbated sense of detail: you can hear whispers or cries, touch the grass or wood, you can catch a glimpse of the seraphim, you can smell tomatoes or you can get lost in its Cismig or utopian cities. Frankly speaking, poetic discourse creates its own form, not necessarily rounded by a current (we find expressionist accents - through strong colors and often mute, surreal shout - through the fluidization of images that transcend space and time, impressionist - through metamorphosis of colors, symbolist - through metaphors revealing, etc.) and offers a lush imaginary, a prop from which the everyday is not missing but in which there is no obsessive theme. It is a modernist poetry, connected with subtle postmodern elements to the tones of contemporary lyric, without losing any of its sensitivity and without sacrificing a drop of candor. It is subtle, playful and challenging. Andreea Scridon reveals an exciting poem of openness, of embracing, a poetry situated on an ascending line of Apollonian nature, bright in all its depth and separated from any resentment. Because forgetting "has, like love / the sweet figure of a child."

Simona PREDA


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