Ancient Greek Language Elements Common to the Balkans, Cooked Uuntil the Ssixteenth Century. Study compared phono-morpho-semantic

17,40 Lei

ISBN: 978-973-749-579-2

Publisher year: 2008

Edition: I


Publisher: Universitară

Author: Cristina Valentina Dafinoiu

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Balkan linguistic research on language as a whole are in the last 3-4 decades, very rare. The main reason is the lack of natural disappearance of young specialists in the context of the law, Romanian or foreign.
An overview of the Balkan languages ​​proposed in this book the author Cristina, Valentina Dafinoiu (Croitoru) which aims to discover the ancient Greek elements common Balkan languages. This paper studies the comparative vocabulary Albanian, Romanian (Daco-Romanian dialect only), Bulgarian, Macedonian and Serbian, following in terms of phonetic, morphological and semantic elements common Greek. The author insists on the old Greek circumscribe element of Balkan languages ​​within two stages of evolution of language: the ancient Greek (Elina) and Byzantine Greek, neo-Greek element delineation of very influential in the Balkan languages, is possible by chronology or by identifying changes attestations phonetic dated.
Presented as doctoral thesis, the work is one of the few studies of new synthetic type and almost exhaustive factual material on a very rich, very different and difficult.
Knowledge and understanding of literature enables the author to engage in competent analysis leaving open the possibility of multiple approaches. Interesting, even daring, but very scientifically, are, for example, her comments on the forms agony, teacher, despot, plague, bucket, an apostle, a demon, etc.. Some of the solutions proposed by the author of the original etymological will certainly be accepted by specialists or, at worst, can not be ignored.
This paper is an incentive to analyze with more courage on the issue of linguistic material offered or at least related languages ​​in contact and as such, subject to mutual interference for centuries. After addressing such issues, we can not doubt, for example, contrastive analysis of the utility offered by the Balkan linguistic material.
The present research is an indisputable scientific text value. It is an important contribution to Romanian language with a direct effect on the revival and boosting Romanian linguistics researches in our country balcanologie.


Prof. univ. dr. Mile Tomici


  • Elemente vechi greceşti comune limbilor balcanice, pătrunse până în secolul al XVI-lea. Studiu comparativ fono-morfo-semantic

Cristina Valentina Dafinoiu

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