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Editura Universitara Family in 21 Century

ISBN: 978-606-28-1326-0


Publisher year: 2021

Edition: I

Pages: 214

Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Gheorghiţa Nistor, Eugen Simion, Toma Mares

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This volume contains some of the articles and study materials presented at the International Conference "The Family in the 21st Century", organized by FICE Romania, and is made in partnership with the Association of Romanian Communes (ACoR).

Toma Mares - Foreword / 7

Florica Chereches - Family, the essence of balance in society / 9

Monica Cristina Anisie - The challenges of education during the pandemic / 12

Ioan Neacsu - The family, the student and the dynamics of social evolutions. Research on the past, present and future axis / 20

Gheorghita Nistor - Transnational family and protection of children with parents working abroad / 35

Mariana Gaju - Love begins in the family, love lives in its own home / 53

Calin A. Dragoi - Modern family. Distress factors. The Potemkin effect / 61

Gabriela Firea - Respect for the family is not declared, it is proven! / 79

Eugen Simion - Sociological perspectives on the family. The relationship of the family with the social structure and the social change / 84

Lia Meron Berkovits - Family in Israel in the post-modern period / 124

Adina Mihaela Codres - The roles of the family, the community and the local public administration authorities regarding children's rights, reflected in the national legislation / 132

Niculina Karacsony - Temporary takeover of family responsibilities by the state. Causes, difficulties, effects / 151

Emmanuel Grupper - The Family in the 21st Century. Family: A Myth or a Reality? / 163

Carmen Preutu Grigore - The emotional development of the child under the influence of the multiple transitions that the contemporary family goes through / 166

Eva Laczko - The emotional development of the child in the traditional family, versus in the modern family / 181

Cleopatra Ravaru - The professional father / 192

Gabriela Cretu - Conclusions of the conference "Family in the 21st century" / 203

The International Federation of Educational Communities (FICE Romania), an NGO founded in September 1990, which practices political and religious neutrality, has set itself the main objective of defending the rights of children in difficulty, with priority given to children outside the family.
FICE Romania, through its actions, has pursued and we believe that it has managed to influence and contribute to the continuous improvement of its members, of specialists working in the field of education, for the involvement of the family in child protection, for guaranteeing well-being and safe growth. the child.
In this sense, the exchanges of experience and documentaries in the country and abroad, carried out over the years, as well as the social assistance and protection magazine "Social Protection of the Child", national and international symposia and conferences organized in partnership with central institutions and local, with the Association of Romanian Communes, and other associations and organizations, with the support of the Romanian Parliament, were directed primarily to the family, so that child care is provided within and by the family.
An important place was occupied by the support of children from families who cannot fulfill all their family functions in order to ensure a good development of the child.
This paper brings together the materials presented at the International Conference on May 13, 2021, held online.
More than a hundred specialists with expertise in the field participated: professors, sociologists, psychologists, social workers, researchers, etc. These works will allow readers to know the concerns for the involvement of the biological family, the adoptive family, foster carers, etc. to know the causes of some failures in the healthy development of the child.
Convinced that this work will also be a challenge for FICE county communities and branches to initiate debates to present the achievements of specialists, researchers in the field of family policies, inclusion and social assistance, so as to ensure the success of development and training for children's lives. .
We also hope that the publication of this book will represent a modest contribution of our activity at national and international level, a support for the continuation of the dialogue, of the exchange of experience with non-governmental organizations from other countries.

Prof. Toma MARES
President, FICE Romania

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