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Editura Universitara Improve project management in knowledge-based organization

ISBN: 978-606-591-274-8

DOI: 10.5682/9786065912748

Publisher year: 2012

Edition: I

Pages: 285

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Anca Cruceru

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The XXI century it was found that the economic, political, social, cultural, technological, etc.. in which organizations operate has undergone irreversible. All these changes have brought the knowledge economy and therefore society, organization and knowledge management as "elements - support" of this type of economy.

At this juncture, it is necessary for organizations to become aware of the purpose, necessity and usefulness of adapting to new requirements of global trends - economy, society, organization and knowledge management, which are central, implicit knowledge and intellectual capital.

Organizations aware of the fact that without this change will not survive or grow the market will be competitive and will not be able to meet consumer needs, will encourage them to find some methods, techniques and tools to make changes required by the new context.

Thus, management of organizations will try to think strategically, to develop strategies to support all changes required by the organization based on knowledge and to proliferate strategic management knowledge.

Management to adopt this model, organizations will try to capitalize intellectual capital by identifying and using strategic resources - knowledge. Therefore, organizations will want to integrate management of intellectual capital management in their strategic management, in order to create added value, to ensure sustainable competitive advantage, organizations carrying out tasks in terms of profitability and growth performance.

Moreover, management organizations, which aims to "matching" strategy to contain the values ​​promoted by knowledge-based organizations using projects as a means of strategy implementation (project management). When adapting the knowledge economy, the organization will be transformed into an organization through projects, where projects are considered means that determines competitive advantage. Consequently, the strategy would be an effective way to adapt to new organizational context and application of project management in knowledge-based organization.

Returning to the idea that management of organizations will try to find a methodological tools to support the changes imposed by the new context, method BPR (business process reengineering) could integrate the values ​​promoted by the organization and knowledge management in senior management vision.Therefore, this method could be implemented as a viable option overall organizational strategy that when implementation might define as a project.

Not be forgotten that the notions of strategy, strategic management, project management and BPR project as ways / methods of adapting classical organizations will be knowledge-based organizations to transform to meet the requirements of the new organizational context.

However, regardless of the concept referred to, knowledge will be the most important organizational resource, which represents raw material inputs and finished product. Also, through major processes related to knowledge (acquisition, creation, use and storage) will harness the intellectual capital of the organization, resulting in "new" knowledge that will meet consumer demands, ensure organizations improve performance and durability on the market.

Therefore, considering the previously reported should be finding ways to improve ("mutations" predictable) the organization of project management based on knowledge, precisely because he was able to develop new organizational context, among others, by means of projects and also , it can evolve only if these projects can be tailored to the needs and values ​​of economy, society, organization and knowledge management.

So, for this lucări is to improve project management in knowledge-based organization, something which until now was not the subject of debate, but is particularly important in management science.

Aim is a topical issue in the literature and is the starting point for scientific research showing the need for companies to adapt the organization based on knowledge and applicability of "mutations" predictable project management in the new organizational context.

  • Perfecţionarea managementului de proiect în organizaţia bazată pe cunoştinţe

Anca Cruceru

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