General Management of the Company. Concepts. Tools. Role Models

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ISBN: 978-606-28-1166-2


Publisher year: 2020

Edition: I

Pages: 190

Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Vadim Dumitrascu

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The three perspectives on the company - "machinery" generating economic results, human community and evolutionary organism - lead us to believe that the management of the company is not only a strictly economic management, but also an organizational management and, at the same time, a development management. The management of the company is in all three aspects simultaneously, without any discrimination, without any hierarchy, without any order of priority. The task of management is to create and maintain a competitive company, able to produce results in the context of a fluctuating and complex environment. Fulfilling this mission is not possible if the emphasis is only on one of the three dimensions reported, usually on economic management, the other two being ignored. The success of the managerial activity is conditioned by the harmonious integration of the three factors in the decisions, policies and practices of the company's management. This idea sums up the "red thread" that runs through the entire work.

Vadim Dumitrascu
  • General Management of the Company. Concepts. Tools. Role Models


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