Resources and domestic and international destinations

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ISBN: 978-606-591-169-7

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: II

Pages: 682

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Andreea-Mihaela Baltaretu, Nicolae Neacşu, Monica Neacşu, Marcela Drăghilă

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All countries have been endowed, the Good Lord, with a great diversity of natural resources and peoples of these countries have created their existence over human resources (cultural, historical and religious, technical-economic and socio-demographic).
Thus, all countries - big or small - at certain times are written on "world tourist map" by natural features, economic, social, historical, religious, language, culture and civilization, which have a bearing on tourism dowry.
Tourism development requires the existence of a tourism potential that, by its attraction, is designed to encourage and ensure the integration of areas, regions, countries with tourist vocation in domestic and international circuits and allowing tourists access through appropriate design.
Among the components of the tourism potential must, first of all natural resources (eg mountain and landscape beauties, beaches on the coast, makers of diet spas, climate, vegetation, wildlife and other attractions of scientific interest, the character so unique.).
In a decisive way, the natural values ​​(so-called primary offer) is the tourist potential of areas considered suitable for inclusion in tourist circuits.
Resources (values) are filled with natural resources (values) of human, created by the mind and human hand (so-called secondary tourist offer), designed to enrich and facilitate the sustainable use of natural tourism potential, providing premises that offer potential transformation in effective touristic offer.
The natural conditions are imposed by high scenic attractions, are present everywhere on Earth, from the highest mountains and plains and deserts till the arid, from U.S. National Parks, African, Australian, etc.., Marine Coasts and oceans until or large stretches of eternal ice.
Own history and civilization of each enrich people's natural values ​​of that country and also require a certain "cultural-tourism brand" original unmistakable in the world. Many creative artists, scientific, architectural, technical, engineering, etc.., It revolutionized the world and our contemporary marvels and inflacareaza minds. We recall in this respect, which means for tourism remains Hellenistic civilizations, Romanian, Aztec, Inca, Hebrew, Arabic, Buddhist or African etc.. And closer to us in Europe, renaissance, medieval art, Byzantine, Ottoman, etc..
Making the most of natural resources (primary supply) and created resources (secondary offer) in an area, resort, etc.., Tourist interest depends largely on the dynamism of a country's national economic development, overall policy that promotes one or other of the countries receiving tourists in the tourism development, the facilities offered to attract visitors.
Any tourism development strategy is based on the evaluation and ranking of tourist resources is "raw material" for all tourist activities.
There is a strong link between tourism resources and tourism development location, between the variety and quality of these resources and forms of tourism, traffic and tourist phenomenon between size and shape of tourist areas, namely the stability and viability of rural and urban settlements.
Socio-economic conditions and especially the financial and technology are crucial in the recovery of tourism resources. In these conditions binds circuit introduction of new tourist areas including some of the most inhospitable as the desert of America (the famous tourist centers: Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Phoenix), Sahara (Tunisia, Egypt, South Africa ) and Australia or polar (Argentina, Canada, Finland, Russia). Modern technologies are used in high mountain areas of land (USA, Austria, Switzerland), the marine and ocean coasts (Australia, USA, Europe, Mediterranean, South Africa), certain natural attractions (canyons, waterfalls - Niagara - U.S. and Canada ) or in the development of tourist structures of the most sophisticated equipment (hotels, casinos, cruise ships, leisure and sports facilities). Therefore, these regions are among the most popular tourist destinations.
The authors fully welcomes the introduction (academic year 2008/2009) in the Faculty of Tourism Management program and commercial discipline, "Resources and destinations" because "arms" future professionals - managers - so workers. Romanian Tourism both necessary elements of development programs in areas of tourism, resorts, regions, counties (in-depth knowledge of tourism resources) and the elements necessary for efficient recovery of domestic and international tourist (tourist destination knowledge).
This paper addresses the issue of comprehensive resources and tourist destinations in Romania and partly abroad. Regions and countries of the world, information and training will be supplemented by the creation and editing future work "resources and tourist destinations - case studies" by the same authors and the works of other authors, by developing projects targeting resources and tourist destinations in the country " x ", projects are presented in the proceedings of the seminars or master.
The content and structuring his documentary on the rich resources and tourist destinations in Romania and abroad, the book value of the course is aimed higher and specialized secondary education (geography, economy and services, tourism, international relations, etc..) MA in tourism, tourism managers and workers and all those passionate about the phenomenon of tourism, culture tourism.
The authors of this volume I want to thank, in particular, those who wrote in tourism (mentioned in the bibliography) for indirect involvement in making this new literature.
Also thank you to those who want to send comments and suggestions to complete and improve the content of the paper present the prospect of new editions.


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Nicolae Neacşu
Monica Neacşu
Marcela Drăghilă
Andreea-Mihaela Baltaretu

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