Multidisciplinary and academic education. Reasoned dialogue

ISBN: 978-606-591-258-8

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: I

Pages: 180

Publisher: Editura Universitară

Author: Ion Iorga - Siman, Gheorghe Savoiu

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The authors of this book, one of which exceeded the first half of the century and the other six decades fulfilled even at this launch, working both in academic education have many questions asked, the teacher's own consciousness rather than others, questions that will give light actual circumstances and developments, not the respondents ... Their questions are grasping diversity from many laboratory courses or books published with the feeling that the optimum paretian was satisfied and for students and for the economy, how many had significant effects on science courses and their research and Romanian practice of at how little training to become effective students, but remains low overall academic effectiveness of the educational process, from how much low quality books on how the public is advised them on how you can justify that little money which are now rewarded, come to the budget from taxes paid by students and even parents of students, while teachers are required to publish more and more abroad and carry out more projects with and for foreign what happens to students learned theory into practice ...

Ion Gheorghe Savoiu & Iorga - Siman

Unidisciplinaritatea the open end, without claiming to know everything, is a natural stage of development of academic education, but the disciplines have evolved so rapidly that no segment of a multidisciplinary approach to reality education is not even useful, and to aspire to efficiency becomes a veritable utopia. Complex multidisciplinary coexistence is not a simple juxtaposition or subjects in a same field of study, but is accompanied by a passage through interdisciplinary (permanent transfer of information and methodological discipline to discipline) to transdisciplinarity as academic educational purpose, the purpose of limiting an extensive dissolution of all sciences into one, a complex merger in a huge universe multiverse scientific or modern science. In education, the teacher is the first required to make the qualitative leap by acquiring the necessary information from several areas of education, about the same piece of reality, which wants to expose its dialogue with students. But just as they are caught monkeys in Africa, where the hunter put a stone in a hollow near a diameter dimension stone, and the monkey put his hand out of curiosity there and trying in vain to remove the stone, so the trainer remains captive namely separate passion or fear of losing their appetite for discipline ... Like the monkey, who would ever be able to hand out the hollow and go without being caught by the hunter, so the teacher and trainer-type format, namely separate, in turn, as soon as he refuses to choose alternative multidisciplinarity becomes prey safe time, the only teacher who kill all the children, limiting their horizons through education becoming one-dimensional in space with "n" size ... The dialogues are argued by the authors abbreviated by SG and IS.I., a statistician and physicist, hiding them inside a poet and a painter, an economist and an engineer, a teacher and education manager, a researcher theorized and methodological and pragmatic scientist and experimentalist. They are thus a translation of articles in his thinking specifically exemplified seminarizării, a rethinking of topics of articles written in the spirit of long-term training and education with multiple impact, a unification of views relating to alternative methods and tools, different theories, different sciences brought together in multidisciplinary approaches, etc.. Authors desire was to leave the unnatural reality of contemporary university spirit and noble mission to maintain the continuity of academic belief, that a university is primarily a school, and only then, a research institute, contributing modestly the confirmation of Thomas Carlyle and really noticed that every university must also and "a large collection of books" ...

10.10. 2011

Happy New Year!
Gheorghe Savoiu

Education: Academy of Economic Studies, Faculty of Commerce (1981)
Scientific titles: Doctor of Cybernetics and Economic Statistics (2000), Associate Professor Ph.D. State University of Pitesti.
Books published:
- Universal index prices and interpreter (Author), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2001;
- Economic Statistics (applications, tests, case studies) (eds.), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2002;
- Business Statistics (co-author), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2002;
- Financial Statistics (eds.), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2003;
- General statistics. Arguments in favor of statistical thinking training (author), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2003;
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- General statistics of theoretical elements, multiple choice tests, applications and case studies (eds.), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2004;
- Marketing research and modeling. Quantitative market research methods (eds.), Academic Publishing, Bucharest, 2005;
- Social cohesion and measurement concept (co-author), University Publishing House, Bucharest, 2005;
- Recovery of Natural Resources, Volume III, increasing the efficiency of turning natural resources management (co-author), Ed International University Press, Bucharest, 2005;
- Projects with external funding (eds.), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2006;
- Guide License (eds.), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2006;
- The population explosion and implosion of the world between demographic (Author), Ed International University Press, Bucharest, 2006;
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- Econometrics (eds.), University Publishing House, Bucharest, 2009.

Ion Iorga - Siman

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