Educational issues in the work of Slavici

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ISBN: 978-606-591-077-5

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: I

Pages: 164

Publisher: Editura Universitară

Author: Daniela Penu

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This paper is constituted as an attempt of a new type of analysis in terms of intercultural education, the work of Slavs. During the four chapters, we intend to show the modernity and complexity of educational issues addressed by the Slavs.
In the first chapter, in theory, we will try to pass in review a series of conceptual determinations, making the position of epistemic point of view, on the term education to decipher, knowingly, importance and complexity of educational issues work of Slavs. Thus, following some definitions and notions derived, showed a hierarchy of wealth and a conceptual framework developed around educational act.
Given the educational aspect system established by theorists in the field of psycho-pedagogy, we highlight the main features of various types and grades of education, whether traditional (intellectual education, moral education, professional education, aesthetic education, physical education) or appeared as evolutionary response to the demands of modern reality (peace education, environmental education, intercultural education, education on fundamental human rights, economic and domestic education, modern education, leisure, etc.).. We state more education on moral, ethical issues, forming a dominant concern of the activity of glory, but also on intercultural education, whose promotion is one of the main goals of modern psycho-pedagogy and whose coordinates are found in many writings teaching outlined in novelist or novel by Slavs.
Intercultural perspective in education approach assumes the establishment of an effective means - which could be the school system - the transition to a democratic society, open and tolerant, pluralistic and joint alike, way phenomena of intolerance itself political, economic, etc.. can be stalled by promoting intercultural behavior.
We will build the first chapter, premises applying these ideas in his opinion Slavici interpretation and we emphasize modern pedagogical ideas set forth by him.
The first chapter contains, therefore, preliminary information that we considered it necessary to understand the perspectives and ways of interpreting texts adopted in the analysis of Slavs.
The following chapters, for textual analytical practice, aims to demonstrate the applicability of theory and analysis notify the innovations it brings in terms of addressing intercultural education.
Corpus used in these chapters include analysis of representative texts novelist (Tandem Popa, Budulea Taichii, Lucky Mill, Spiru Calin, Pascal poor man of character, Dascalasul, Treasure), Roman (Mara, Of old, Manea, Corbi, The two worlds, winds Country, the latter Armas, unfortunately in sin), and excerpts from memoirs (Amintiri. Eminescu. Creanga. Caragiale. Cosbuc. Maiorescu world through which we passed, human act, letter to a young man, etc. .)
Many of the ideas set forth by the Slavs in pedagogical writings will be found and novelist writer in the novel, as well as memoirs. These ideas, trends related to modern pedagogy, are found to be present, in terms of educational issues in many aspects.
Analysis of the educational phenomenon is discussed in texts on which work is considering theoretical consideration of previously established benchmarks, and use an appropriate conceptual apparatus both in terms of literary theory, and the psycho-pedagogy.

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Daniela Penu

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