Neuropsychology - Brain and functionality

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ISBN: 978-973-749-681-2

Publisher year: 2009

Edition: 1

Pages: 383

Publisher: Editura Universitară

Author: Eugen Avram - Coordonator

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Understanding how the brain works has gone from a reductionist treatment, in which experimentally analyzed various particular aspects of brain structure and function of interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary approaches. Study units or levels of analysis in neuroscience in order of complexity are: neuroscience molecular neuroscience cell systems neuroscience, behavior neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience. Neuropsychology is the study how the brain properties allow the development of behavior. It studies the relationships between brain function and behavior, and especially changes in thinking and behavior that relate to structural integrity of the brain. Thus, neurophysiology is a way of studying the brain by examining the behavior it produces. This paper mainly aims to promote new acquisitions in the field of neuroscience. Studies in this volume cover issues of current interest. CONTENTS PART I BRAIN and mental Mihai Golu Chapter 1 General Principles of structural and functional organization of the human brain 11 Chapter 2 Gabriel Vacariu, Mihai Vacariu, cognition and Leon Zagrean Neuroscience mind-brain problem 35 Chapter 3 Alexander Tascu concepts about the brain and mental Evolution 55 Chapter 4 Eugene Abram, Alexandru Dumitrescu, Georgiana Ichimescu, Romanian Andreea nervous systems and adaptive functions 79 Chapter 5 Andrei Stancu dynamics of flashbulb memories 105 Chapter 6 Mihaela Chraif stereoscopic processing of visual stimuli Alexander D. Jordan 139 Chapter 7 165 PART II ASSESSMENT executive dysfunction THERAPY AND FUNCTIONALITY neuropsychological Chapter 8 Eugene Abram Neuropsychological assessment in epilepsy 199 Chapter 9 computerized neuropsychological testing Adina Leasu 235 Chapter 10 Alexander Tascu, neuropsychological evaluation and biofeedback Adina Leasu 265 Chapter 11 Liliana I. Forest, Maria V. Carrot cranio-cerebral trauma in children - Neuropsychological diagnosis and intervention 287 Chapter 12 Paragraph D. Resin diagnostic and therapeutic approaches of spasticity 303 Chapter 13 Jean Ciurea, Bogdan Balanescu News in neurosurgical treatment of movement disorders Chapter 14 331 John Maiorescu Hydrocephalus and declining quality of life 347

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Eugen Avram - Coordonator

Eugen Avram is Lecturer., Ph.D. in psychology (positive psychology a thesis at the University of Bucharest), holding in Department of Psychology, University of Bucharest and specialist clinical psychologist at the Emergency Hospital "Bagdasar-Arseni", Department of Neurosurgery III . Its specialties include (master studies) health management, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, organizational psychology. It also followed a series of training courses in management systems. He is author of several books and coordinator of health, neurophysiology, psychology, organizational psychology, personality and over 20 chapters in collective volumes, 30 periodical studies, three articles in ISI.

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