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Editura Universitara Public marketing - Ion Boboc

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ISBN: 978-973-749-373-6

Publisher year: 2008

Edition: I

Pages: 237

Publisher: Editura Universitara


Ion Boboc
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Ion Boboc
Ion Boboc

PhD in sociology, associate professor at the University Christian "Cantemir" license courses at the Faculty of Political Science at the Faculty of Law and Administration and the Faculty of History. Director of the Master "Governance, European integration and public policy." Holder of the course: "Strategic Management in Public Administration", "Political Management", "Marketing public", "Political Marketing", "European parties and party families ',' parties and party families in South-Eastern Europe after 1945 ".

The main papers published in volume as a single author:

- Cultural management in a market economy. Practical Guide, Bucharest, Ed Protector I, 1998

- Quality of work life. Facts and psycho-sociological and educational perspectives, Bucharest, Ed Protector I, 2000

- Professional counseling for youth and adults, Bucharest: Organic, 2001

- School and education management organizations Psychosociology, Bucharest, Didactic and Pedagogic Publishing (EDP), 2002

- Organizational and managerial behavior. Psycho-sociological and Political Foundations, Volume I and II, Bucharest, Economic Publishing House, 2003

- Science education: educational policy, theory and practice, Bucharest, Ed Victor, 2004

- Management of non-governmental organizations, Bucharest, EDP, 2004

- Political Management. Science and art of leadership in politics, Bucharest: Sylvi, 2005

- Marketing consulting political and government, Bucharest University Publishing House, 2006

- Management of non-governmental organizations (Second edition, abridged), Bucharest, Ed Pro Universitaria, 2007

- Political Management. Science and art of leadership in politics (second edition, revised and added), Bucharest, Ed Pro Universitaria, 2007

- Parties and European political families, Bucharest University Publishing House, 2008

- Marketing public, Bucharest University Publishing House, 2008

- Strategic Management. Theory and practice of associative forms of public, private and NGOs in agriculture, Bucharest, Ed Pro Universitaria, 2009

- Political parties and families in South-East, Bucharest, Ed Pro Universitaria, 2010.

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