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Editura Universitara Marketing Strategies in Retail

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Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Stefan Catana

ISBN: 978-606-28-1271-3


Publisher year: 2021

Edition: I

Pages: 176

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In the current economic and financial context, retail is a complex, vital and challenging field, developed especially in countries with an emerging economy. It is worth mentioning from the beginning, the fact that this sector is a very dynamic sector, which involves rapid changes in a short period of time. Key trends and developments, such as changing consumer needs and interest in the shopping experience rather than the product itself, strengthening the position of large retail firms, emerging multi-channel retail strategies, changing the nature of competition within and between different forms of retail, as well as the discovery of new technologies, have a dramatic impact on how companies with important retail networks develop in the next period. These are the main arguments that formed the basis of the research intention of this field, with emphasis on identifying the marketing strategies used.
Considering these considerations, within this scientific approach we started from the intention to systematize in a paper strategic marketing concepts and tools used in the Romanian retail trade.
A first step was to study the relevant literature in the field. Thus, a scientific approach on the tools, techniques, methods and marketing strategies in retail is to be supported, but at the same time, it is worth mentioning that, so far, in this field, the creativity and flair of specialists have had a essential role, these two things being, perhaps, more important in managerial and marketing decisions than the theoretical foundations. An example in this sense is represented by the opinion of Rusetski (2014) in the article "Pricing by intuition: Managerial choices with limited information", a work in which the author mentions the lack of a theoretical framework on which to base their managerial decisions. some decisions in trading companies.
Starting from these ideas, for a better knowledge of the studied field, the analysis of relevant secondary data is considered by conducting preliminary research, which aimed to reflect external marketing strategies in promotional media and scientific observation of the organization of surfaces. commercial. Their role is, on the one hand, to identify certain strategic alternatives used by Romanian retail companies and, on the other hand, to substantiate the purpose and objectives of the conclusive research used to identify the company's external marketing strategies, interactive and internal to the company.
As a corollary of the results obtained from the research carried out, a strategic marketing planning model structured on decision-making levels corresponding to retail was developed. Also, the conditions for adopting the strategic alternatives that a retail company can consider were presented.
This paper is based on the author's doctoral thesis and should be seen as an academic approach that aims to highlight marketing strategies and specific trends in retail, and the information presented can be supplemented, expanded and diversified in research. subsequent and, especially, concretized within specific actions or campaigns.
This paper may be relevant to specialists, teachers and students interested in the field of retail.

The Author

Foreword / 5

Preface / 9

Contents / 11

CHAPTER 1. The characteristics of the retail trade - strategic determining factor of the marketing activity / 13
1.1. Retail trade - branch of goods circulation, sub - branch of the national economy / 15
1.2. Retail trade - component of the tertiary sector (services) / 19
1.3. Retail trade in Romania and perspectives on the Romanian market / 22

CHAPTER 2. The commercial enterprise - the specific form of organization of the retail trade / 25
2.1. Particularities of the retail trade enterprise / 25
2.2. Retail trade market / 34

CHAPTER 3. Marketing strategies in retail - the current state of knowledge / 39
3.1. Specific content of the retail marketing strategy / 39
3.2. General strategies of the market - oriented retail enterprise / 41
3.3. Holistic marketing strategies / 47
3.4. Shared marketing strategies / 50

CHAPTER 4. External and interactive marketing strategies in retail / 53
4.1. Reflecting external marketing strategies in retail, through the analysis of promotional media / 53
4.2. Analysis of processes and procedural relations in commercial units / 57
4.3. Marketing strategies specific to the management of sales processes, structured on decisional levels and components of strategic marketing / 75

CHAPTER 5. Strategic marketing behavior, specific to retail companies / 85
5.1. Orientation of retail companies in relation to the market / 101
5.2. Strategic decision levels in retail companies / 103
5.3. Relations with suppliers in retail companies / 107
5.4. Customer relations in retail companies / 111

CHAPTER 6. Behavior of retail consumer services / 117
6.1. Sources of supply and information / 129
6.2. Consumer behavior inside commercial units / 139
6.3. Buying decision behavior / 142

CHAPTER 7. Strategic marketing planning model in retail / 145
7.1. The degree of concordance between the opinions of specialists and consumers regarding the marketing strategies in the retail trade / 148
7.2. Coordinates of the strategic marketing model in retail / 153

CHAPTER 8. Future Retail Marketing Guidelines and Directions / 169

Bibliography / 173

The emergence and development of marketing as a distinct, autonomous, specialized branch of economics is inextricably linked to the commercial function of the enterprise, especially its sales activity.
In fact, in the first decades of the twentieth century, some difficulties in the normal development of economic activities specific to companies in developed economies (US and Western European countries) had as main causes certain "problems" of dysfunction related to the activity of market (“to market” - marketing).
For a start, the problems manifested themselves in the sphere of consumer goods, their specific market relations having as field of development the retail trade. For this reason, the "old" concept of marketing was initially attached to the branch of trade science, an opinion perpetuated, incorrectly, to this day.
In this situation, the scientific instrumentation of marketing was first developed in the consumer goods sector and in relation to the trade branch.
The economic dynamism was reflected in several spheres of human activity, reason for which, the object of marketing extended, in the corresponding economic and extraeconomic branches, the marketing acquiring universal character.
Such a development, known as “external development” was doubled by a marketing specialization expressed by the separation and delimitation of its distinct fields, whose object was constituted by adapting the general techniques and methods, to the specifics of these branches of activity or by identifying new ones, characteristic of these branches.
In this way, they appeared and developed as distinct fields: “business to business” marketing, agromarketing, consumer goods marketing, services marketing, transport marketing, tourist marketing, educational marketing, banking financial marketing, etc.
In such a position is also placed the field of retail trade, a field in full process of establishment, consolidation and maturation.
This paper "Marketing Strategies in Retail" prepared by Mr. Catana Stefan, PhD in marketing, is a valuable contribution to the development of marketing in general, service marketing in particular and retail marketing in particular.
Viewed from another perspective, the paper has an important contribution to the intensive development of consumer goods marketing.
The paper represents the result of long preoccupations of the author that started from the faculty benches and were continued, after the completion of the bachelor and master studies, with the doctoral ones.
In his scientific approach, the author started from the finding, reported in the literature, that marketing development has taken place and takes place in two directions: one, belonging to marketing specialists who address, in their research, the most varied spheres of human activity. from the marketing position and another, belonging to the specialists of the scientific fields corresponding to the various branches of activity. In this context, the author of this paper is placed in the first group of specialists, thus dealing with the retail branch from the position of marketing specialist.
Such an approach was found primarily in assessing the current state of knowledge, on which occasion the author notes an insufficient reflection of the concepts, techniques and methods specific to marketing services in the trade sector, especially those that define its scientific object: marketing external to the company, interactive marketing and internal marketing to the company. Moreover, these concepts are a consequence of the characteristics of the services defined by the succession of activities having as final result the sale of the purchase of some goods necessary to satisfy some consumption needs.
In such a sense, the author researches, in depth, the degree of use in retail, of the most valuable and modern scientific management tool, the marketing strategy structured according to the concepts mentioned above.
The research conducted by the author was based on a wide variety of methods of collecting and processing information selected according to the purpose and objectives defined by the problem under investigation. Qualitative and quantitative research, exploratory research and conclusive research, widely exposed throughout the paper, were used.
The research is placed, at the same time, in the sphere of instrumental research, the author developing, as a pioneer in our country, methodologies for designing and conducting exploratory research: documentary research on the coverage of promotional media of external marketing strategies in retail trade; scientific observation of the organization of sales areas it also has the display of goods in stores and on this basis, the identification of strategic alternatives for interactive marketing, used in retail.
In the same context, in both researches, the development, with a pioneering character, of the deductive method of processing and analysis of the information obtained from such researches is included.
The use of the marketing strategy as a management tool of the organization implies, on the one hand, the development of processes that have as finality the choice of strategic alternatives corresponding to the conditions in which the company operates, which are subject to strategic marketing planning, and on the other hand, the implementation of strategies. , by carrying out other processes, of operative programming, which have as finality the marketing program.
The practical way to solve such problems is considered by the author by designing a model of strategic marketing planning in retail. In its realization, the author took as inspiration the model developed for corporations by the "father" of modern marketing, Philip Kotler, structured on decision-making levels corresponding to retail and the model of structuring strategic alternatives by taking into account the conditions for their adoption. (strategic factors) proposed by the "father" of Romanian marketing, Constantin Florescu.
Through its content, the paper is characterized by a high scientific level and originality, constituting a real help for specialists, students and teachers with concerns in the retail sector.

Prof. Univ. Dr. Valerica Olteanu

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