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Editura Universitara Return to nature - the human body analogy - social body - Dumitru Dobrescu

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ISBN: 978-973-749-879-3

Publisher year: 2010

Edition: I

Pages: 248

Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Dumitru Dobrescu

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This book is addressed to all inhabitants of the country. Each inhabitant is a human body, consisting of basic elements (cells), the resulting structure by connecting several cells (tissue, organ systems) and of its capacity, resulting in coordinated structures and functions of their interactions. Also each human body is a basic element (cell) of the social body, the resulting structure formed by bringing more people (offices, services, workshops, directions, sections) and the coordinate functions and capabilities results of their interactions. Finally, each inhabitant of the country is an elector, a person entitled to vote, to appoint leaders of society. As the human body, with dignity, as part of a social organism, which should ensure a decent existence for all its members and as an elector who is entitled to choose their leaders in full awareness, each elector should have knowledge, even elementary, about organization and management of the company. Through this book the author aims to make a small contribution to this knowledge. The book brings the reader more ideas or small, important for everyone's life in society and in nature. The book invites reflection, in order to reach agreement and then eventually to take action, for individual and social good.

Dumitru Dobrescu

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