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CISMIGIU books Molitur memoria - Ligia Mateiu

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Publisher: Cismigiu Books

Author: Ligia Mateiu

Edition: I

Pages: 206

Publisher year: 2023

ISBN: 978-606-28-1675-9

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The book, an autobiographical novel, shows us the evolution of a child from Arad who, becoming an adult, left with his life cramped in a backpack and ended up exploring places in the wide world, including the far west coast of the North American continent and rummaging in the secrets of our human life at the cellular level.
The book abounds in narrative elements and themes from genetics, medicine, geography, history and Romanian literature, offering a complex perspective on the protagonist's experience and the world in which she lives. All these elements interact and merge to form a captivating picture of the main character's life.
This book offers a rich and complex story that crosses different aspects of life and explores the connections between nature, family and knowledge.
LIGIA MATEIU, licensed in general medicine (University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara), with a master's degree in epidemiology and genetic statistics (Institute of Higher Studies, Pavia, Italy) and with a doctorate in medical genetics - genetic statistics (University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada) is currently a researcher in bioinformatics and medical genetics at the University of Antwerp (Belgium). He debuted in Romanian literature in 2022 with the volume ”Peltic man grunts” ("Raraieli de om peltic"), a book that contains a collection of "laughing" texts and somewhat more serious texts (SIONO publishing house, Bucharest). Ligia Mateiu has a permanent column in the monthly Arada newspaper ”Chest with back” ("Lada cu spinare"), a publication written entirely in the dialect of the Crisana area and published under the registered trademark "Bace Toghiere".

Preface / 7

Part I / 9
The first seven years at home / 11
Primary school / 18
Gymnasium / 33
High School / 53
Medicine / 70
Italy / 99
Canada / 122
Edmonton 2001 2005 / 122
Year 2006 / 148
Vancouver 2006 2009 / 156
Belgium / 166
Until 2015 / 166
2015 2020 / 176
After 2020 / 181
Part II Thoughts about them and fragments of unsent letters / 187
Sister / 189
Father / 190
Grandfather / 193
Grandmother / 194
Mother / 198
Epilogue / 200
Glossary / 202

I'm Nilu, that's what my grandmother called me. I have long since left the years of my early youth behind, and I feel that I am beginning to forget more and more, which is why I decided to put my memories in order, until I remember them. So, out of sleep, on Friday, February 3, 2023, at around 5 am, I got to work. The momentum of the first thoughts was quickly interrupted by the phone alarm, but also by the fact that memories have an important characteristic. They don't come nicely structured into chapters or even chronologically. They gather like whirlwinds of leaves carried by the wind among people from here or far away, through places of now or of the past, through warm rains with laughing rags or on the contrary, through cold rains that penetrate your bones and freeze your breath. In a few fractions of a second, the rhythm of the leaves of a dear autumn starts the waltz of my thoughts, I hear the fluttering of time at my temples and I step timidly over the threshold into the true story. But I will try not to let myself be carried away by the storm of the mind, but I will give a somewhat chronological meaning to these memories. Everything written here is true. Or not. The facts happened and the characters lived what was written. Or not. But does it really matter what is true or not? In the end, any past reality becomes fiction even for the one who lived and remembers it. What remained in my mind are only fragments of images and fragments of sound wrapped in a volatile and heady aroma. Fact or fiction, the past built a breathing present.

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