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Editura Universitara We started to build a different Romania!

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ISBN: 978-606-591-449-0

DOI: 10.5682/9786065914490

Publisher year: 2012

Edition: I

Pages: 390

Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Andrei Badin L.

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      We started to build a different Romania!

Andrei Badin, a young man full of ideals and dreams of the Cervantes School of Bucharest, good ideas believed in fate two years ago when he decided to find models and values ​​to replace the spotted and alarmist tone of the television speakers. She envisioned concepts, strategies and methods, they closed the pages of a project that was to win the confidence of ASR Prince Radu of Romania, who gave his High Patronage. Andrew waited until the backstage theater actors have time to listen, the measured halls institutions or museums halls until someone had to say, invariably and with all your heart, that helps. That is Dan Puric Cervantes came to talk to teenagers about the dignity and identity, and Victor Rebengiuc young generation seduced by the story naturally and modesty.The title: "Proud of our class, our school, our country, we began to build" the project aims to change the focus of some children to something constructive, and perhaps to change direction, giving their choice.

"It would be interesting to be able to educate the young, to widen his horizon, but at the same time, let him choose. Do not need to push it. Not even the house of the Lord should not take him by force . will feel when he himself will be there ... the one, with him. If you want to listen to Florin Chilian, unless you want to attend a workshop on bookbinding, if you want to participate an evening of ballet, listen to a quartet, to become familiar with classical music should not come, you do not have. Can you rather interested in ethics and taxation, fraud ... I left this freedom and I noticed that they received this with great seriousness and with great maturity. " (TVR Cultural - The "Talent Exchange")

Academics, journalists and stars of the younger generation spoke to young people about choice. The project, which has enjoyed success on the European eTwinning website, gained international scale, with some reliable partners in Spain, France, Poland, Italy, and Turkey.

And one very important detail: this project had a zero budget. Each of the participants accepted the invitation to join the "Pro bono"!

"Andrew was able to reconstruct a part of Romania. The high school's. The positive example, the courage, the tenacity, patience, diligence and discipline, qualities which he acquired by sports performance: 13 years in the gym, has a black belt Dan, is a multiple national champion, European champion in 2008 - Italy and World Championship bronze medalist WGKF - 2010, Cascais - Portugal. "

The premises are all explained with great lucidity approach of Andrew early pages of the book whose launch are invited to an event which closes this month after two years of work, the whole project:

"It's hard to predict the future of a generation that produces much controversy.And urged the judge to "see" what "should" assess a severe and uncertain in its turn its own values, labeled as "problem children" and consumers of legal substances, total look - perhaps because of lack of productivity , how can we be young, be proud to count ...? TV is sometimes a simple piece of mixer that grinds dignity Romanian people: an imperative public interest seems naive, replaced by more commercial stories that denigrate usually the few categories in which we had taken hope: artists, these "cultural service providers" that burn on stage for an audience that crowded the halls still cold and old, teachers who are dedicated to their mission without waiting for reward other than recognizing the value of their doctors - to save lives without giving them recognize, students who are trained in international universities and incumbent eager to get involved, but at home that are over-qualified or that the items were already shared by makers corrupt people trying to live a standard of XXI century, aiming to show despair extravaganza of a corrupt political class ... "

Andrei Bădin L.

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