Editura Universitara The judge and the burnt diary

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ISBN: 978-606-28-1324-6

DOI: 10.5682/9786062813246

Publisher year: 2021

Edition: I

Pages: 224

Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Constantin Stancu

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"Teofil was moving the spot on the sidewalk, the kitten kept meowing. The man passed the flashlight over the laser beam. The light left a yellow-green butterfly on the alley. As he saw the butterfly illusory, the kitten began to run after him. Theophilus moves the laser butterflies down the alley, the kitten runs up and down in all directions. Following that illusion, it was just a butterfly of light, a condensed light, flying anywhere on the asphalt, on the grass. The kitten was not tired, he was passionate about that game, about the flight of the butterfly on the grass. Run tirelessly after that illusion. Nothing in the game could stop him. Theophilus watched the show from his balcony on the second floor. He sat there for more than twenty minutes, playing with the kitten, moving the laser spot on the alley, leaving the illusion that he was moving the animal's instincts. After a while he started to get tired, but the cat ran tirelessly.
That's how we humans are, we run incessantly after an illusion ... "
CONSTANTIN STANCU (November 2, 1954, Hateg).
Poet, novelist, literary critic, publicist. Graduate of the Faculty of Law in Cluj Napoca, 1988. Member of the Writers' Union of Romania, Alba-Hunedoara Branch since 2009.
Editor of the magazine "Nova Provincia Corvina" (Hunedoara) between 2001 - 2010. Editor of the magazine "Contraatac" (Adjud). Editor of the magazine "Cultural Memories" (Satu Mare).
Publishing debut in the magazines "Brasovul literar si artistic" and "Orizont" (1981).
Editorial debut: Fruit from fruit (poetry), in the anthology Argonauts (1988), Timisoara.
Collaborations with the magazines "Romania Literara", "Transilvania", "Luceafarul", "Orizont", "Vatra", "Orient Latin", "Ardealul Literar si Artistic", "Semne", "Viata Romaneasca" etc.
Literary awards: "Romania Literara" magazine award at the "Lucian Blaga" contest (Sebes, 1983), "Transylvania" magazine award at the "Lucian Blaga" contest (Sebes, 1984), Alba - Hunedoara Branch Award of the Romanian Writers 'Union (2015) for the volume of poems Etemenanki (Last week), the “I D Sirbu” Prize of the Alba-Hunedoara Branch of the Romanian Writers' Union for the novel Vadul ars (2017) etc. Awards of the magazine "Discobolul" for published texts (poetry, chronicle - 2009, 2018).
Published books: Fruit from fruit (poetic debut, 1988); Birds cry with wings (poetry, 1988); To look with the eyes of the heart (Poems of the fruits) (poetry, 2002); The tree with scribes (poetry, 2006); On the operating table (novel, 2011); The weight of unspoken thought (poetry, 2012); With fantasy on fantasy treading (poetry, 2013); Etemenanki (Last Week), (poetry, 2014); The ford burned (novel, 2016); Fruit from fruit (Goodbye, see you on the golden streets) (anthology, 2016); The Hateg Archives (literary evocation in two parts - 2009; 2017); Breaking news for missing people (poetry, 2018); Migrants without luggage (novel, 2019); books of literary evocation regarding Romanian writers (Eugen Evu, Radu Igna, Eugen Dorcescu, Adrian Botez, Ioan Evu, Dumitru Huruba, Nicolae Crepcia, Francisc-Mihai Lörinczi etc.), Insights suitcase (literary notes, 2015) etc.

Chapter I / 5
Chapter II / 14
Chapter III / 22
Chapter IV / 30
Chapter V / 44
Chapter VI / 51
Chapter VII / 62
Chapter VIII / 73
Chapter IX / 80
Chapter X / 88
Chapter XI / 98
Chapter XII / 104
Chapter XIII / 116
Chapter XIV / 127
Chapter XV / 139
Chapter XVI / 148
Chapter XVII / 154
Chapter XVIII / 162
Chapter XIX / 173
Chapter XX / 184
Chapter XXI / 194
Chapter XXII / 202
Chapter XXIII / 210


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