Meiji era Japan - Birth of a great power

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ISBN: 978-973-749-529-7

Publisher year: 2009

Edition: I

Pages: 240

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Lucia Popa, Simona Drulă

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For any european any writing about the rising sun includes elements of mystery, a fabulous hard explainable. And, like everything mysterious bear interest. Naturally becomes almost great number of works dedicated to Japan, its evolution from an extraordinary, to say, the Middle Ages to modernity the most immediate and explosive. Bibliography of the problem is consistency but, unfortunately, not Romanian, especially in terms of original works. Because of this book, Japan "era" Meiji. Birth of a great power, comes to believe that full, fully deserved a goal regrettable.
Why "was" Meiji? What was particularly so radical "regime" established after 1868 previous periods? It is the merit of this book, the authors of its poor image quality and Simona Popa Lucia, with scientific rigor to detect those elements that marked Japan's stunning leap to modernity, above all, to great power status. Moreover, the power known as such, with the first decade of the twentieth century, what we call, with a phrase that became famous, proud citadel, that European powers. Meiji ruling elite awareness of the need for the country joining the global process of industrialization while maintaining strict, we would say today, a traditionalism often even xenophobic and racist overtones, which gave uniqueness is the key experiment that allows us to understand a development which has astonished his contemporaries. and beyond. Samurai from Japan, from Japan Tokugawa era that seemed bewildered on a project capable of progress, the military power that has amazed the world with stunning victory in battle or conquest Tushima Strait to Port Arthur Russian citadels, to chase German interests in Asia at the end of World War meant not only for historical time step. This step was called simply was Meiji.

Prof. Dr. G. Vlad Nistor
Dean of the Faculty of History, University of Bucharest
Director General of the Romanian Diplomatic Institute

  • Japonia erei Meiji - Nasterea unei mari puteri


Cuvânt înainte / 7

Cuprins / 9

JAPONIA: «Universul de peste mări» / 11

Capitolul I
«Era» Tokugawa: «pendulul tradiţiei» / 25

Capitolul II
Shogunatul «faţă în faţă» cu expansiunea occidentală / 67

Capitolul III
«Era» Meiji: «reforme de conjunctură sau de structură?» / 86

Capitolul IV
«Perioada Speranţei»: «actori şi factori ai modernizării economice» / 146

Capitolul V
«Noua Japonie»: reacţii şi atitudini de Mare Putere / 185

Dicţionar de termeni / 212

Anexe / 217

Bibliografie / 238

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Lucia Popa

Lucia Popa is professor at the University of Bucharest, Department of World History.

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Simona Drulă

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