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Editura Universitara The online teacher's practical guide

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ISBN: 978-606-28-1436-6


Publisher year: 2022

Edition: I

Pages: 154

Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Anisoara Dumitrache, Beatrice Almasan, Alina Pertea, Mariana Norel, Mirela Horumba

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The online teacher's practical guide is addressed especially to the learning communities of teachers, pupils and students, but also to all those who organize learning experiences in the online environment. Offering a set of specific learning tools, the Guide supports the teacher's harmony with the student, mediation being ensured by the use of information and communication technologies in education. Written in an accessible style and accompanied by QR codes that facilitate interaction with the Internet, the Guide paves the way for reflection and the identification of solutions for the online teaching act. Thus, the Guide is a valuable resource for the online teacher.
  • The online teacher's practical guide


Foreword / 7
Why use such a work? / 9
1. Psychological premises (Mirela Horumba) / 11
1.1. A thought for the online teacher / 11
1.2. Why is it important to know this? / 13
1.3. Learning the approach from a psychological perspective? / 15
1.4. Theories of learning in the context of the hybrid educational space / 15
1.5. Memory and language - main resources for the online environment / 18
1.6. What leads to results? / 20
1.7. Practical guide for verbal communication with students, from a psychological perspective / 22
2. Blended learning (BL) in 5 steps for face-to-face school and online (Beatrice Almasan, Anisoara Dumitrache) / 27
What we follow / 27
The context of the approach or the reality of the online school / 27
2.1. Blended learning: an alternative to face-to-face learning / 31
2.1.1. Definition and clarifications of the term / 31
2.1.2. The evolution of the term blended learning (BL) combined with the evolution of technology / 34
2.1.3. Teaching and learning environment with specific BL / 36 Actions necessary for the implementation of BL in the class of students / 37 Time, schedule allocated to the use of the online environment / 37 Teacher roles in BL / 38 learning Students' expectations for online learning / 40
2.1.4. Assistance and support provided to students, both by the school and at home by the family (inclusive environment) / 42
2.1.5. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Education / 43
2.2. Virtual classroom / 45
2.2.1. Why is the virtual class important in BL? / 46
2.2.2. Virtual classroom communication / 47
2.3. Educational platforms-resource for the teaching process / 49
2.3.1. Resource platforms for special educational needs / 49
2.3.2. Platforms for managing classes, learning resources and school progress / 51 Criteria for selecting an educational platform / 54
2.3.3. Use of educational platforms - practical examples / 61 Platform overview / 62
2.3.4. Five steps in the efficient use of educational platforms / 67
Step 1. Creating the virtual class / 67
Step 2. Registration of collaborators / 71
Step 3. Working on the platform / 74
Step 4. Organizing the work environment / 76
Step 5. Creating and uploading learning materials, homework and tests / 78
3. The conceptual and methodological framework of teaching-learning-assessment redefined in the paradigm of online education (Alina Pertea, Mariana Norel) / 95
3.1. A short theoretical framework of online learning / 95
3.2. How to prepare an online activity with students / 104
3.3. Competence development through an integrated, transdisciplinary approach / 109
3.4. Choosing the right content for online teaching / 115
3.5. Choosing online teaching methods and techniques / 119
3.6. From activity planning to evaluation and self-evaluation / 126
4. Methodological suggestions regarding blended learning lessons (Alina Pertea, Mariana Norel) / 135
4.1. Primary education / 135
4.2. Secondary education / 138
4.3. High school education / 140
Instead of concluding, some useful tricks online (Anisoara Dumitrache, Beatrice Almasan, Alina Pertea) / 142
Bibliography / Webography / 145
Index / 149

In the current context, the appearance of a guide to good practice in such a vast and controversial field of online education is a welcome event.
Looking at things from a different perspective - the experience of a certain type, the tradition, the pressure of the facts, the lack of prior preparation, this event was to be expected, but, above all, necessary. The recent experiences of the last two years, when human society has had to face, in an extremely short time, challenges on multiple levels, economic, social, educational have not been met so far. Pupils, parents and, last but not least, teachers, have had to adapt "in step with the weather" and experience - with consequences that we barely intuit at the moment - new forms and methods of education, the most widespread being online education.
When would a publication dedicated to him have been more appropriate? The authors approach with professionalism and refinement both strictly technical aspects and psycho-pedagogical components, which overlap and complement each other harmoniously, proving a good knowledge of the field.
The place - the educational space and the moment - now, hic et nunc, being properly chosen, I can only thank for the effort in the collective name and congratulate in personal name the authors, and the readers, teachers and, why not parents and students , I wish them success!

Assoc. Dr. Michaela Logofatu
Professor Emeritus

Bucharest, January 10, 2022

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