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Editura Universitara Psychopedagogy of Psychomotor Activities. Factors, Values, Practices

26,00 Lei

ISBN: 978-606-28-0213-4

DOI: 10.5682/9786062802134

Publisher year: 2015

Edition: I

Pages: 174

Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Ioan Neacsu, Florentina Uta

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Mic discurs despre cunoastere si dezvoltare prin miscare/ 9

Partea I. Psihopedagogia motricitatii umane - modele, factori, valori/11

1. Psihopedagogia educatiei fizice - repere generale/11

2. Limbajul in psihopedagogia activitatilor fizice si sportive /PAFS /14

2.1. Limbajul si conduita profesionala in PAFS/ 18

2.2. Stilurile de instruire - perspectiva semnificatiilor. O radiografie preliminara /19

3. Psihomotricitatea - repere si minime consensuri /21

4. Modelul natural al diversitatii - valorizari calitative/ 26

5. Inteligenta psihomotrica - paradigma educabila in dezvoltarea umana/27

6. Modelul motivational: valori explicative in educatia pentru miscare fizica/ 32

6.1. Motivatia - conexiuni interfactoriale in spatiul formarii personalitatii/ 35

6.2. Relatia dintre motivatie si performanta in activitatile de educatie fizica /39

6.3. Eficienta si eficacitatea motivatiei in produsele invatarii motrice/ 40

6.4. Demotivarea- o posibila explicatie pentru esecul in activitatea psihomotrica/ 41

6.5. Dinamica si echilibrul motivare-demotivare – provocari continue in planul formarii /43

6.6. Autodirijarea invatarii si formarii motrice. Strategii motivationale/ 46

6.7. Managementul conduitei motivationale in invatarea motrica/ 49

7. Modelul antrenamentului imaginativ mental vizualizant/ 52

8. Feedbackul - relevanta constientizarii progreselor in miscarea fizica/ 55

9. Stilul de viata - nucleu valoric in formarea si evaluarea personalitatii/ 62

9.1. Calitatea stilului de viata - corelari in spatiul educational/ 64

9.2. Stilul de viata - sinergia planurilor social, cognitiv, motric, relational-afectiv /65

9.3. Stilul de viata - impact asupra reusitei dezvoltarii prin miscare fizica/ 70

9.4. Complementaritati in psihopedagogia miscarii si formarea stilului de viata/73

9.5. Stilul de viata - vector psih-socio-pedagogic al sanatatii integrale/ 76

10. Modelele refacerii si echilibrul vietii active/ 77

10.1. Refacerea prin odihna activa/ 77

10.2. . Somnul - valori regenerative integrate stilului de viata sanatos/78

10.3. Parasomniile si identitatea tulburarilor somnului/ 81

11. Conduite, factori de risc si nevoia de miscare /82

11.1. Alcoolul - factor major adictiv/ 82

11.2. Sedentarismul - ca negare a activismului fizic/ 84

11.3. Dependenta de tehnologiile IT&C /87

12. Rezilienta-o strategie pozitiva in orizonturile conduitei sportive/ 89

13. Educatia pentru sanatate: argumente ale cercetarii stiintifice/ 93

Referinte bibliografice/ 96

Partea a II-a. Programele socioeducationale promiscare fizica – alternative viabile/ 101

1. Programele promiscare - concepte explicative si caracteristici generale/ 101

2. Proiectarea programelor de formare: interogatii utile/ 103

3. Activitatea fizica sportiva - politici, programe, bune practici/104

3.1. Context international: focalizari pe agenda politicilor de promovare a activitatii fizice /106

3.1.1. Bune practici: exemple si succinte analize la nivel de tara/108

3.2. Promovarea miscarii prin programe nationale. Repere generale/ 110

4. Program pentru formarea conduitei de practicare a activitatilor fizice. Repere curricular-integrative/ 112

4.1. Elemente modulare structural-functionale/ 115

5. Module si practici de succes/ 117

5.1. Modulul A. „Initiere in cultura miscarii si educatie sportiva”/ 117

5.2. Modulul B „Estetica si atitudine corporala”/ 120

5.3. Modulul C „Relaxare, detensionare, destresare”/ 138

5.4. Modulul D „Cooperare si lucru in echipa” / 141

5.5. Modulul E. „Jocuri si concursuri recreative” /144

5.6. Modulul F „Activitati sportive in natura destinate petrecerii timpului liber”. Complementaritate si alternative/ 148

6. Competente, valori si atitudini – dezvoltari prin programe formative/ 157

7. Participarea la activitatile programului formativ; recomandari/ 158

8. Evaluarea programelor socioeducationale. Valori teoretice, caracteristici si functii/159

8.1. Evaluarea programului formativ. Criterii, valori, impact/163

Referinte bibliografice/171

Ioan Neacsu
Ioan Neacsu

Is prof. PhD at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Bucharest.

Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, pedagogical-Romanian, class 1970, a teaching career through all steps in the same university.

He is currently dean of the prestigious Faculty Psychology and Educational Sciences, PhD in science education since 1992, for candidates from Romania and other countries - Greece, Israel, Jordan, Russia, Thailand, Moldova.

The key areas of scientific competence and meet the quality of teaching courses holder of Educational Psychology, effective learning methods and techniques, Psycho-pedagogy of creativity, human resources management (cycle license), Human Resource Management and Total Quality Management (Master), Project Management Research (Doctoral School of Educational Sciences).

He attended training sessions, research and training in the fields of curriculum (Israel), American university education reform (USA), quality management and leadership in education (Harvard University, USA), management and entrepreneurship education (England), structures in education higher (Salzburg, Austria) to He participated in conferences, meetings and symposia UNESCO, Council of Europe held in EU countries and Switzerland, Norway, USA, Israel

It is now recognized as an expert member, coordinator and evaluator in national and international projects and programs - the World Bank, PHARE, Leonardo, NURC, SOP HRD ACPART ARACIS, PNA, UNICEF, MECI, FICE INTERNATIONAL.

As only author has published reference works (7 books), 32 works of synthesis, manuals, guides, coordinated 18 volumes with collective author, has written over 150 scientific studies and articles in professional journals, including ISI system, at home and abroad.

Is an active member of several committees and journal editorial collectives owned university in Romania, and of numerous professional associations and bodies in the country and abroad.

Also, along with teaching, in the period 1990 -2009, he held various management positions top, in the Romanian Government and the Ministry of Education.

Florentina Uta

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